Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Just A Dream

I did not know what to post, so here it is, one of my lyrics!! :D

Just A Dream

there`s a place that`s full of dew

there`s a town that sounds new
there`s a place where nothing`s true
it`s not fit for simple you

so you found yourself a place
thought you could lose some trace
it`s not as simple as you think
under the rain you can`t sink

so we keep on passing
and around us we keep on hearing
this life is just a dream(we live in a dream)
these fears are all the same(they won`t go away)

though we strive night and day
trying to find a way
we know,they are here to stay
the voices in our heads
they won`t go away


Sunday, 26 November 2006


euh hier soir ti ena difer dan caro canne en face mo lakaz!! pfff.. ti effrayant!! here are some pics! lol.. euh pompier ti vini tou!!

sa c phare pompier seen from my room!!

lol.. sa c mo laptop!! hihi

et sa c caro canne aprer le feu le lendemain!!

Saturday, 25 November 2006

Let there be lemons!!

Summer`s here and with that comes the season of lemons!! wooohooo!! they`re my fave fruits!! and i`m not kidding... lol...

so right now the trees`re in blossom, you`ve got a pic of the flowers below and the scent of them are really wonderful!! :D

and below is a pic of one of the first fruits of this summer`s harvest!! isnt she cute?? lol.. a fruit is a she?? euuuh, dunno... i`m think all this lemon stuff is driving me crazy!! hihi... wasnt i already crazy?? ^o)
i think i`m diverting from the main issue... lol
so i just hope that i get loads of lemons and remain happy ever after!! nice fairy tale!! :P

Thursday, 23 November 2006


aaaahh, sunsets!! beautiful aren`t they! lol... they make me happy...

did you know that if at sunset the sky is particularly red (wish i had a pic of that) that means that the next day is going to be a sunny day?
hmm, and i think that the red or rather pink color of the sunset is due to the color red found in light that is reflected by the clouds or something like that.. lol.. i`m just writing what i read when i was a kid!! hihi.. so if you got any info on that, do share it with me ;)

so anyway below are pics of some sunsets. all of them were taken at my place! :$
enjoy!! :P

wanna read more on sunsets? here`s what Wikipedia has got to say! :D

Wednesday, 22 November 2006

something that reminded me of christmas!!

if you ever have the opportunity of going to the SSR hospital (not for sad reasons i hope) don`t miss this beautiful scene!! :P pink flowers falling on our local christmas trees!! hihi.. that really got me mesmerised!! it was sooo beautiful!!

Monday, 20 November 2006

moving towards nature!!

it`s summer!! lol..i guess that`s no news for you!! so i thought why not make the most of it! but the big question was how?? hihi.. after 15 minutes of moving and bumping and and thinking i finally got to settle near the window with view of the garden!! hihi.. so here`s a pic below of part of what i can see right now!! lol..
hail nature!!

black sheep of the family

or maybe black dog of the family... lol
yeah, that`s him, kushi! he`s spent the whole of last night out.. doing what? the obvious thing obviously!! lol..
so when he returned home this morning, with sore eyes and all, he was welcomed by my dad.. lol.. it`s funny how humans tend to be lenient with their pets.. hihi..

so below is a pic of kushi, he`s trying to put up a brave front.. lol.. just for the sake of the pic!! hihi.. love you toops!!

Friday, 17 November 2006

save it for the rainy days!!

lapli ti tomber 1 zourner entier hier.. lol.. mne bien amizer..
ek zot remarker comier le ciel ti gris... waoaw!!!

Tuesday, 14 November 2006

outside!! (some pics to make me happy!! lol)

hmmm, pic # 1

pic # 2 haha

ainsi de suite,mo croir to cone compter...

hmm, ena 1 ta palmiste mo coner..

caro canne ine couper :P

fillette!! wai, that`s her name!! lol

this is toopie...

hmm, that`s something, lol

another thing...

and this is......
coookie!!! lol

Monday, 13 November 2006

pom pom!! hihi

well well well, let`s start with the best!! hihi.. It all happened on the 30th of October.. of this year.. duh, how pathetic i`m giving the exact dates too!! hihi..
so let`s start with the beginning.. ahaaha

It all started when I went to this meeting with Jev and Kel!! haha.. G eu le declic koi!! lol.. and then i shared my idea with kel and jev..

then i literally begged kel to join me and she said no :(

then i asked sharon and she said no :(

and well other incidents occurred and i really wanted to give up...

then came the day that kel said yeah!! it was fantastic!! we rehearsed, it was on a friday!! there was just kel, me and kussum!

and yeah the song was demon speeding, by rob zombie \m/ lol!! cheerleading rocks!! haha

so on saturday we met @ pl, me, rooch and there was bouboul.. we bought rafia and made most of our pompoms in the bus!! yeah, we`re just too good!! hihi..

and we practise!! lol!! we got what i call "la salle des glaces" 4 practice!! a really wonderful room! and then jev came! :$

lol.. i won`t go much into details but just wanna say that i got one of the best gifts of my life that day and it was a rose! :P love you Juv!

hmm, that the pic of the rose!! hihi.. after some weeks!!

well and then i wanted to give up again that day and i remember that jev really encouraged me.. it was some sort of speech that you hear in tv shows!! haha!! but it was great!! thanx again juv! :P

and then well, the D Day came!! monday!!

haha.. got nothing more to say except that it was WOW!! we even got uom tees as gifts!! haha..

well, well well, some pics below, enjoy!! btw, that`s jevin with a cowboy hat!! lol!
and yeah, kel really had her time with the cheerleading stuff, judging from the way she headbanged during the process!! whaaahhaaa!!

hey hey hey, btw, that`s the lyrics of Demon Speeding below!! lol!! hey!! hihi..

"Demon Speeding"

Hey, do ya love me. I'm untouchable darkness

A dirty black river to get you through this

Hey, do ya love me I'm a devil machine

(hey do ya love me I'm a devil machine)

Get into my world all american dream

In the mouth of madness

down in the darkness

no more tomorrow

down in the hollow

Hey do ya love it when the kids are screaming

Wrecking on the road violate their dreaming

Hey, do ya love to see the filth in the clean

(hey do ya love to see the filth in the clean)

get into the gone all american dream

In the mouth of madness

down in the darkness

no more tomorrow

down in the hollowi'm demon speeding

i'm demon speeding

i'm demon speeding

i'm demon speeding

get it on, get it on, get it on, get it on come alive

Hey, do ya love me elevating the madness

(Hey, do ya love me elevating the madness)

a super death rising to get you through this

(a super death rising to get you through this)

hey, do ya love me like a beautiful fiend

get into my world all american dream