Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Just A Dream

I did not know what to post, so here it is, one of my lyrics!! :D

Just A Dream

there`s a place that`s full of dew

there`s a town that sounds new
there`s a place where nothing`s true
it`s not fit for simple you

so you found yourself a place
thought you could lose some trace
it`s not as simple as you think
under the rain you can`t sink

so we keep on passing
and around us we keep on hearing
this life is just a dream(we live in a dream)
these fears are all the same(they won`t go away)

though we strive night and day
trying to find a way
we know,they are here to stay
the voices in our heads
they won`t go away


1 comment:

  1. Hi Morinn,

    Thanks for showing the link to this song!

    Well done... does that have music to it yet?