Saturday, 25 November 2006

Let there be lemons!!

Summer`s here and with that comes the season of lemons!! wooohooo!! they`re my fave fruits!! and i`m not kidding... lol...

so right now the trees`re in blossom, you`ve got a pic of the flowers below and the scent of them are really wonderful!! :D

and below is a pic of one of the first fruits of this summer`s harvest!! isnt she cute?? lol.. a fruit is a she?? euuuh, dunno... i`m think all this lemon stuff is driving me crazy!! hihi... wasnt i already crazy?? ^o)
i think i`m diverting from the main issue... lol
so i just hope that i get loads of lemons and remain happy ever after!! nice fairy tale!! :P

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