Thursday, 23 November 2006


aaaahh, sunsets!! beautiful aren`t they! lol... they make me happy...

did you know that if at sunset the sky is particularly red (wish i had a pic of that) that means that the next day is going to be a sunny day?
hmm, and i think that the red or rather pink color of the sunset is due to the color red found in light that is reflected by the clouds or something like that.. lol.. i`m just writing what i read when i was a kid!! hihi.. so if you got any info on that, do share it with me ;)

so anyway below are pics of some sunsets. all of them were taken at my place! :$
enjoy!! :P

wanna read more on sunsets? here`s what Wikipedia has got to say! :D

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  1. as a kid i'd read silly stuff like books with size 18 fonts.. lol you must be some kind of genius.666