Wednesday, 28 February 2007

Today, an exceptionally beautiful day, full of surprises and happiness, laughters and did I say surprises? lol...

this is me wearing a tikka, hihi, in the bus, going to reduit, where I should have been, 30 minutes ago,(keli was waiting for me) was listening to Goops. Goops' my kid, a very creative kid for that matter...

first published picture of Goops, mummy loves you, mummy loves you :P

so I met Kel and Rooch at uom, near the cafe. Rooch was going to have lunch with her "compatriotes", as we call them, and Keli and I had decided to have that cheap hair cut at Goodlands at last. We had to wait, a not so short while for Jevin who was having a drink or few with his buds Kunal and Kervin. When the 3 guys turned up, they were flashed and flashed back, lol, and the next 5 minutes were spent talking about our everyday nonsenses, what else did you expect from guys who've just emptied a 7 seas bottle in 20 minutes (all due to me?) na na...

so keli, jev and i took the bus to port louis to eventually go to Goodlands...
below is a pic of keli, worried about her future hair cut?? hihi, maybe

this pic is particularly hilarious, don't look at my funny face, lol... it's the expression of the woman at the back that's real funny, she looks shocked or something by us, maybe she thought we were lesbians? hihiih

this is keli's foot wearing her "skinny leg" jeans and next to it is my feng shui bag containing a board that we've nicked from the bus conductor, lol... finally we returned it to him, feeling remorseful as hell about it before, and regretting it afterwards, when he didn't even say thank you... duh...

this is a bald guy (ok, ok, i guess you've noticed that already) he was sitting in the seat in front of us in the 22 Grand Gaube bus and he had opened wide the window, almost killing us with all the wind that was coming in... after going through all those phases, we finally arrived at Goodlands, the Good Land, where we get cheap haircuts, amen. And we went to this beauty shop called Bell, hoping we won't look like bells when we get out from there... not taking into consideration the disturbing pink everywhere, the place was quite charming and Keli finally had her cut, this is a pic of her standing to have the last touches done to her hair... i think the hair gives her an egyptian look, Jev thinks she looks like a porn star!! whahahaaha...

Tuesday, 27 February 2007

and the cyclone came on my birthday, ruining every chance of having a proper celebration, and i spent the next few days without electricity and worst of all, without an internet connection... really, those were the saddest and most depressing days of my existence, never thought it'd be that bad... anyway, now that it's over I think i should talk about it to really get over it... lol...

so here are some pics after and during the passage of the cyclone, some randoms pics they are..

winds pushing our "red ball" in all directions, it didn't fall down though :s

zou, she's frightened, as usual...

this is some of the effects of the cyclone to trees and our telephone line...

this is my dad, raking leaves and trying to make his garden look perfect (again?) lol

garden as seen from basement...

fog in my room, on my window...

survivors of the cyclone, a bunch of lemons...

ma birthday present a la maniere de keli!! just love you ma salope!! muaaaah!! :P c tres reussi pas vrai, ein ein ein?? hihi

Thursday, 22 February 2007


D-1 for my birthday and we've started with the fun!! hehe.. today it was really unexpected... we were at uni and I met Keli at about noon and we went to that stuff called Unitech to check out the latest technology, but more so to prove that women practised discrimination against other women. unfortunately we were unable to prove that as the girls at the door handed pamphlets (famphlets?) to us as we entered the thing...

What happened next is that Jev and Kervin went to class leaving me and Keli alone. so we took the bus with the thought of going to Goodlands to have a nice and cheap haircut. It was just at the least crucial of moments that I remembered that shops were closed on Thursdays in Goodlands and we got down the bus at the next stop still at Reduit feeling embarrassed as hell. lol.. and then Keli got this divine illumination, why not get a drink? hihi

and we went to James' and after what seemed like an eternity of fidgeting and hesitating we finally bought the bottle of Bordofin!! hihi.. and then we went back to unitech and then we called Rooch!! it was then the 3 of us, like in the good old times!! (sniff, sniff...) and we went near Matt Bellamy's spot (baptised by us), more precisely, in the "place des 3 chenilles" as Keli called it, and we had the drink there.

After some time, while we were discussing our erotic fantasies Jevin jumped in on us... he was just passing by after class and I was so damn happy to see him :$
we emptied what remained in the bottle and asked him to go fetch some refill, which he did kindly for us :P thanx Jev, love yaa!!

and we went back to the spot to finish the 2nd one, now the 4 of us, but jev didnt drink any of it... lol.. after this point my memory is a bit blurry... so that's it... hihi

Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Today, 21st of February, 2 days before my birthday and I've decided to start doing exercises in the morning just to look good in my new pink dress (Keli mo penkor upload foto mo dress la :P surprise surprise) hihi... so I've asked Loona to wake me up at 6A.M, which she did, but waking up at this time on a rainy day was not what I'd call a delightful feeling, So I stayed awake for about 15 seconds and went back to sleep on the wrong side of the bed with my feet on the pillow.

Right now it's raining like crazy and I'm really loving the weather. Been so long since I haven't felt really cold, cold to the core. Everything's so greeen outside. LOL, yeah, yeah I know, I'm not supposed to be the one with the penchant for green *winks at Keli*.

I haven't got anything more to say, except maybe that I'm longing for a warm cup, big cup of coffee, which I'd probably already have had at the moment that you'll be reading this post. (hmm, why do I always assume that people actually read my blog? hehe)

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Gotta say something...

My birthday's approaching and this is creating a lot of commotion at home... lol.. after all, i'm turning 20.. ermm, why do they say turn twenty? anyway that's none of my concern for now..

I bought this beautiful pink dress today for the big night. Got it in PL. I'll post some pics with me in it when the "party"'s gonna be over, along with pics of the party :P

I`m really really excited... :P didn't think that I could feel like that even at 20, but I`m glad I am :P hehe...

That's all for now folks!!


Thursday, 15 February 2007


I'm re discovering the magic of, YouTube (can I say this loud?) recently... and as those of you who know me would have guessed, I could not resist viewing one of my favorite videos, that is Bent by Matchbox Twenty

I was so damn happy. Viewing this video has reminded me of some childhood, or should I say pre-adolescence memories. I was aged 12-13 at that time and our national channel did us the favour of broadcasting MTV Hitlist every Thursday night. It was great.

Now about the video itself, I still think it's awesome. Got loads of energy in that. It's kind of violent too, that can't be denied. But when it was released somewhere around the year 2000, it was defined as being something definitely cool. You can't picture a song that's No.1 on MTV Asia being like that and yet it was.And not Britney Spear's slutty stuffs, though they were kind of entertaining too... hihi

and here's the video, enjoy!

By the way, don't you think that Rob's leather jacket looks better at night?

hehe... and i remember Keli and Me trying to imitate the scene where there's lots of wind some years ago... hihi... it was a total catastrophe... but we did have a proper laugh about it...
and finally I think that Rob looks either like a fish or some kind of scared lizards in some of the scenes, but well... hihi

Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Midsummer's Night Dream??

Ever had a day where you were so happy that nothing could ever stop you from smiling? Not even the fact that you`ve got a bad cough and flu? hihi... well, it happened to me, and it was today...

I usually like to proclaim that I'm not much of a romantic person... Gosh things have changed!! AND AND I am in love...

Anyway, been some time that we're together. And I guess it's high time that I stop behaving like a kid with annoying questions and expecting more annoying answers...

And I think that there's a reason why the past is called "past"... lol... Now you'll definitely agree with me, right?

Love you hun! You've been great to me... in every way!! hehee!!

And this goes to you! Cheers to us!! :P

Monday, 12 February 2007

My Screen Story

It all started when my screen started blinking (thanx Jev for the "technical" word! hihi) at first i was saying my screen is moving!! hihi

and then late last night it went totally black!! i could not see a damn thing!! grr.. then i`ve shut down everything and went to sleep. was damn tired and ill... flu etc...

and then this morning when i tried to turn the machine on, well there was no screen!! :(

and here i am using another screen adjusted to the laptop!! grr...

and and, that's not all, while i was trying to fit something to the new/old screen, I broke a bit of my front tooth!!

today was definitely not my morning!!

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Tagged By Sun

Dunno how to do that but i`ll try.. hehe..

1. Four jobs i had :
merde, premier question em dur!!
lemme think...

1. secretaire lepok morpa ti p louer loto
2.done lesson lakaz
3. mod nubaz :$
4. mo class rep, hehe, sa si compter!! :P

2. Four movies i would watch over and over :

- Armageddon

- a time to kill

- lion king

- moksha

3. Four Favorite TV Shows:

sa bnela touletemps ena nouvo

- will n grace

- ma vie de star

- wai crossing jordan nissa!!

- methode zoe

4. Four places for vacation i have been :

-hehe belle mare.. vous en avez marre ke je vous parle de belle mare?
-rodrigues, ayo compter sa??
-switzerland kan ti ena 8 ans.. lol
-never never land!! dans mo reve!! hehe..

5. Four places i've lived :

-goodlands (kot jevin) duh, kidding!! lol
-petit raffray
-belle mare :P:P

6. Four favorite foods :

-mine appollo
-dal pita
-manzer mariaz

7. Four things to do in my spare time :

-lir live
-ecoute music
-ecrire bne trucs

9. Four Website i visit daily : hihi disons...

10. Four places i'd like to be right now :
lol.. dan 1 l`usine i pod lerla mo kav disparaite aprer ki mone pren 2 3 ipods
hmm, dan 1 bato en croisiere kitpart
home, enfin mo dza eter!!
ek asleep, mone mari envy dodo la!! enfin pa 1 place sa non?? :Z