Thursday, 15 February 2007


I'm re discovering the magic of, YouTube (can I say this loud?) recently... and as those of you who know me would have guessed, I could not resist viewing one of my favorite videos, that is Bent by Matchbox Twenty

I was so damn happy. Viewing this video has reminded me of some childhood, or should I say pre-adolescence memories. I was aged 12-13 at that time and our national channel did us the favour of broadcasting MTV Hitlist every Thursday night. It was great.

Now about the video itself, I still think it's awesome. Got loads of energy in that. It's kind of violent too, that can't be denied. But when it was released somewhere around the year 2000, it was defined as being something definitely cool. You can't picture a song that's No.1 on MTV Asia being like that and yet it was.And not Britney Spear's slutty stuffs, though they were kind of entertaining too... hihi

and here's the video, enjoy!

By the way, don't you think that Rob's leather jacket looks better at night?

hehe... and i remember Keli and Me trying to imitate the scene where there's lots of wind some years ago... hihi... it was a total catastrophe... but we did have a proper laugh about it...
and finally I think that Rob looks either like a fish or some kind of scared lizards in some of the scenes, but well... hihi

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