Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Gotta say something...

My birthday's approaching and this is creating a lot of commotion at home... lol.. after all, i'm turning 20.. ermm, why do they say turn twenty? anyway that's none of my concern for now..

I bought this beautiful pink dress today for the big night. Got it in PL. I'll post some pics with me in it when the "party"'s gonna be over, along with pics of the party :P

I`m really really excited... :P didn't think that I could feel like that even at 20, but I`m glad I am :P hehe...

That's all for now folks!!


1 comment:

  1. mo! how come mo pa p truv pic to pink dress?! or is it to pane post so foto?! nyways mo impatiente pou truv toi endan, kan nwal fer nou tatoo la? ti pou nissa nou fer li pou to lannif! ek kant wait to get drunk for your 20th, pfff pa kav kwar to p turn 20, to bizin fer ene big turn, get sa fim la- u-turn avek jennifer lopez lol
    apres to turn to 20, hope u return! grrr
    tat is pure kk tat can presker be considered as nimporte. enfin mo en mank la, bizou ma salope a moi