Thursday, 1 March 2007

Happy Birthday Big Boy

Today, at home, I'll be hearing my parents and sister and myself :$ singing songs like, "toupie baba, liene voulain garson mais liene gentille fillette", lol, don't even try to understand this, it's just that today is the birthday of our pet Kushie. He's 4 years old today... pheew... time flies.

I remember when he was born, it was on the first of March and he had that cute, silly look. I've just loved him from the first sight of him.I named him Kushie because I really loved the name, it means Joy in Hindi. Then he grew up and became the local Don Juan among female dogs, hmmm... Giving "joy" to those ladies? hihi...

And there were times when he's had near death experiences on the road while accompanying me to the shop but he's always adamant on walking with me to the shop or even to the bus stop, can't even make him change his mind about it... Lol... I'm just writing what's coming on my mind about him. There are times when I'm really annoyed with him, like when he goes to sleep on my little rose plant and almost ruins it. But every time I get home, and I see him wagging his tail at me I know that his love for me wins it all over, and guess what Toops, I love you too...

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