Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Today, 21st of February, 2 days before my birthday and I've decided to start doing exercises in the morning just to look good in my new pink dress (Keli mo penkor upload foto mo dress la :P surprise surprise) hihi... so I've asked Loona to wake me up at 6A.M, which she did, but waking up at this time on a rainy day was not what I'd call a delightful feeling, So I stayed awake for about 15 seconds and went back to sleep on the wrong side of the bed with my feet on the pillow.

Right now it's raining like crazy and I'm really loving the weather. Been so long since I haven't felt really cold, cold to the core. Everything's so greeen outside. LOL, yeah, yeah I know, I'm not supposed to be the one with the penchant for green *winks at Keli*.

I haven't got anything more to say, except maybe that I'm longing for a warm cup, big cup of coffee, which I'd probably already have had at the moment that you'll be reading this post. (hmm, why do I always assume that people actually read my blog? hehe)

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