Thursday, 22 February 2007


D-1 for my birthday and we've started with the fun!! hehe.. today it was really unexpected... we were at uni and I met Keli at about noon and we went to that stuff called Unitech to check out the latest technology, but more so to prove that women practised discrimination against other women. unfortunately we were unable to prove that as the girls at the door handed pamphlets (famphlets?) to us as we entered the thing...

What happened next is that Jev and Kervin went to class leaving me and Keli alone. so we took the bus with the thought of going to Goodlands to have a nice and cheap haircut. It was just at the least crucial of moments that I remembered that shops were closed on Thursdays in Goodlands and we got down the bus at the next stop still at Reduit feeling embarrassed as hell. lol.. and then Keli got this divine illumination, why not get a drink? hihi

and we went to James' and after what seemed like an eternity of fidgeting and hesitating we finally bought the bottle of Bordofin!! hihi.. and then we went back to unitech and then we called Rooch!! it was then the 3 of us, like in the good old times!! (sniff, sniff...) and we went near Matt Bellamy's spot (baptised by us), more precisely, in the "place des 3 chenilles" as Keli called it, and we had the drink there.

After some time, while we were discussing our erotic fantasies Jevin jumped in on us... he was just passing by after class and I was so damn happy to see him :$
we emptied what remained in the bottle and asked him to go fetch some refill, which he did kindly for us :P thanx Jev, love yaa!!

and we went back to the spot to finish the 2nd one, now the 4 of us, but jev didnt drink any of it... lol.. after this point my memory is a bit blurry... so that's it... hihi

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