Saturday, 31 March 2007




Some things that Morina loves to hear…

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1) When you’ve got a brand new hair cut and someone just tells you “oh my God, did you have a new hair cut” and you go on saying “no darling it just artistically fell on its own”

2) When it’s your birthday and everyone is wishing you “happy birthday” and someone comes along and asks you “is it your birthday” and you go on saying “nah, I don’t know why all those [insert number here] people here are of the impression that today’s my birthday”.

3) When you meet a relative after a long time and he/she notices how tall/big you have grown and you reply “weird isn’t it, that like all people did before and will keep on doing, I have grown too?”

4) So yesterday I had a test and I was talking to a bunch of friends and I told them I gotta go. And a gal replied “recently lots of people are having tests” and I was tempted to reply or maybe I did reply, who knows, “yeah, isn’t it absolutely fantastic that after some weeks of classes we have to go through tests, sometimes in the same week as our friends!”

5) When you meet someone on the road and that persons asks how you are and how are you parents. Are you gonna say stuffs like mind you own business or tell me more about YOUR parents for a change.

6) When you meet an acquaintance and he/she ask you what you’re doing in life and you say “university”. And I don’t know why the person can’t help asking: “Mauritius?” and you reply “no loser, I actually take a bus to go to UK everyday”.

Some Additions from Kyu:

kyu said...

1. You go at a party at an aquaintance`s place and he says `Oh, you have come?` `erm, no, actually am not here, i am at my place watching tv...`

2. Meme scenario, but this time you arrive a bit late. Friend: `Oh, You have finally arrived?`
you: `No actually am still locked up in the traffic la, i will probably be late...`

3. You are just sitting alone and (listening to music / Thinking about something) when someone comes in and asks you `You are alone?` `No, actually there are many of my invisible friends in here. careful, one is threatening to stab you with his invisible knife!`

4. Last day some relatives i hadnt seen for ages came at home. entering my room and eyeing all my postersand cds, my cousin: `Hey!, you listen to metal?` me (Being in the right joking mood to call captain obvious to the rescue)`
`Nooo, actually when i am angry i use those posters to do target shooting with the various kitchen knives! and the cds, well when am boref i use them as `soucoupe volante`! ` (He didn`t seem to catch the joke immediately, i guess no one would have )

Hihi, thanx for adding your 2 cent! That was so worth it! :D

Thursday, 29 March 2007

something hmmm, weird...

Recently something has happened that has left me feeling all weird and laughing and intrigued and rebellious (huh?) I guess I was lacking a fourth adjective. So Keli has received an anonymous comment on her blog. In her post she has given her opinion on the people who have modeled for the mega show. And someone, who is my opinion is coward enough to leave an anonymous comment, has asked her to get into catwalk for the next show and see whether people won’t call her “a dumb bimbo”. The point is, I did not see anywhere on Keli’s post that she wanted desperately to play models on stage for the show. I guess the gal/guy who from now on will be called “cowardo” suffers from what we call the sponge brain syndrome. So cowardo left this comment feeling all powerful and like “wow, I’ve made my point clear when I’ve left this anonymous comment”. I’m sorry to tell you this but you’ve really made only one point clear: YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT. And there are 3 reasons to prove this.

1) You actually read all the way through a person’s blog to go to an old post and put a comment about something your tiny brain has not well understood.

2) You have never heard of stuffs like liberty of speech, expression.

3) You did not comment my blog. (ok, that one is a bit biased)

So cowardo, get on with your life and let people think what they want. I mean a person’s blog is his/her personal space. You might or might not agree with what this person writes but you’ve got to respect the person’s thoughts.

Now moving on to a happy note(am I not talking like Dumbledore? Weird huh?). I’ve had a wonderful afternoon today with my friends playing a card game which I won. Hihi… by bluffing that is! So I’ll better leave you here with the picture of a poster. It's about the CEDEM SHOW that is going to take place tomorrow at Octave Wiehe auditorium, Reduit. Be sure to be there if you happen to be around. It's for a good cause ladies and gentlemen and my benevolent aliens!

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Tuesday, 27 March 2007

bloody sunday...

Some reasons why I hate a segment of my family:

1) they are hypocrites

2) fascists

3) capitalists (changed from communists, because Kervin gave a long explanation about it! hihi)

4) stupid

5) assholes

Some reasons why that same segment of my family hate me, because I am not:

1) Poor

2) Stupid

3) Ugly

So you must be wondering how come I am talking about this on a Sunday when I was supposed to be having fun and be really happy. Well I was, before that bunch of shits came to my home to invite us to a ceremony. It should be made illegal to come to people’s place without informing them, especially on Sundays. So I got out of my room, put on my fake smile and went to greet those people and help my mum make tea, because those people are just too polite to refuse when you offer them tea. They’d rather stuff their ugly faces with tea and fried cakes than be impolite. We got the cheap invitation card, looked at it, my dad pretended to be really happy that a kid’s “janeo ceremony” is coming soon. I really don’t get what is there to be happy about. I sincerely don’t think that this stupid moron will get smarter and more successful in his shitty life after this ceremony. It’s not his fault, really, like it isn’t mine that I share the same last name as those morons.

Now you must be wondering whether I am being too biased in writing this. I’ve got 2 answers to that:

1) this is my blog, so I don’t give a shit if I am biased or not

2) Having lived 14 years with those things I can guarantee that I am being totally objective hereon.

So that settles it. Oh, by the way, I am not talking about my close relatives here, that is, not my father’s brothers etc… I am talking about my father’s cousin’s family. I don’t know why I wish to precise this. Maybe to let you guys know that I am not the type to go about hating everyone for existing. I just hate those shits that hate me too. This is called reciprocal feelings.

So that’s it for today ladies and gents and my pissed off aliens.

Sunday, 25 March 2007


Today was a weird day. I've missed my friends a lot. One of the good things out of it was that I got this picture today from Monisha. I just love it! Thanks thanks thanks! I really love it. It has really helped to lighten my mood.

so that's it for today ladies and gents and my Gothic aliens. I am star gazing from where I am and the moon is freaky tonight. I think I'll go get some sleep.

Saturday, 24 March 2007


A day without internet connection for Jev, I don't know how it is going to be and whether he will be producing weird stuffs like the drawing I did yesterday. One thing's for sure is that he will be playing lots of guitar, practicing his voice and maybe watching TV. I've missed you like crazy Jev
I've also missed my laptop but that is another uninteresting story. Lol. So today my activities were varied and quite unusual. I've gone out to play with my doggies at night. I've eaten mine Apollo and watched an old football match CD with my dad. I've baked cakes for everyone in the afternoon. I've written some songs. I've given my guitar a try. I have watched interesting videos on Youtube. I have tried to sing like Robb Flynn and the guy of Bullet For My Valentine. Yeah yeah, I still haven't given up on trying to sing like those guys, though day by day I am getting more and more disillusioned.

So that's it for today, ladies and gents and my bored aliens. I will spend the night working on the thing I'm calling my book. And as usual, I've got to wake up early to give tuitions to a bunch of kids. It's funny how sometimes I tend to love my life.

Friday, 23 March 2007

to see the world from a child’s perspective.

It is universally known that children are pure, innocent beings. And I totally agree with that! Children will never judge you; they will accept you as you are. For them, the notions of ugly/beautiful, fat/slim, black/white/beige people do not exist. They can befriend anyone and they are very good at peering in the heart of people. They are like “pure-heart detectors”. They can easily discriminate good people from bad people. Have you ever been comforted by a child? Ever had a problem and you confided it to a child? One thing’s for sure is that they will keep your secret safe and they can come up with surprisingly great and simple solutions to your problems.

However there are certain things to avoid while being around a child

1) Never underestimate a child’s intelligence or ability to understand what you are talking about. In order to avoid this, while speaking to a child, talk as you would have done normally with an adult.

2) If there’s anything you want to prevent the child from hearing, do not say it altogether. Never use code languages around children. Believe me they will understand that you are using a code language. It’s not because they are younger than you that they are necessarily stupid. And children have really good memories. So if you’re wondering from where your child has learned swear words, do not look too far. It probably comes from you.

3) Let your child play as much as possible. Do not force your child right from a tender age to get into studies. Contrary to the general belief, your child will learn more from toys than from books at this age.

Are you, like me, wondering why I have written about this? Well I guess that like me you will not get the answer to this! Haha…

So that’s it for today ladies and gents and my innocent aliens. I know this is not much. But if every one of you who reads this does something to improve the condition of children around you, this will really help. Thank you so much. Remember that a child who has had a pleasant childhood will grow up to be a sound adult.

Thursday, 22 March 2007

Here Goes Nothing...

There are so many things I want to write about that I don’t even know from where to start. I want to write about the band and all the new songs that are coming to my mind while I am doing weird things like washing my hair and feeding my dogs and cat (yes I’ve got a cat and he is called Minoushettebabamimi. Yes he is a he, though at first we thought he was a she) and drying my hair and talking to my dad while he is trying to look at my laptop screen and find out what I’m up to. Did I tell you guys how he found out that I have a blog? Well it was quite simple, he came in my room along with my mum to talk to me, as usual, and he saw my blog, yeah I was actually viewing my own blog, how dumb of me! Speaking about dumb, I told someone he/she was dumb today and right now I don’t give a damn about it. I mean everyone knows I am a rebel! Lol! I think I am taking this rebel thing seriously, but I should not! The number one rule of being a rebel is not to take things seriously. You get the ambiguity of the situation? Haha…

I have noticed something really strange lately, many people are actually drawn towards rebels! My favorite bloggers are all rebels! They are anti conformist people who rightly express their views and opinions or write about their life with such a sarcasm that you can’t help but love them! Lol…

And And And I am trying to practice my metal voice! :$ believe me it is so damn hard! and i have spent the past hours listening to ten tonnes of machine heads and slipknots! hehe... if guys can do it, why can't girls? let's wait and see what comes of it...

Here goes nothing ladies and gents and my invisible aliens…

Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Another wonderful day punctuated by music, wine and a great dose of “banla”.

So today we went to UOM to work on our song! Yeah yeah! We formed a band! I’m not sure if it has a name yet. I gotta check on that! Lol. So Jev brought his guitar and I brought my lyrics and Rooch and Kel brought their asses to uni. Yeah, every one of us brought something important. So we worked on the song and the outcome was great!

The music is some sort of acoustic mixed with a metal vocal in the chorus. I really love it! Hihi… and we made some recordings too!

So I’m leaving you now, ladies and gents and my happy aliens with some photographs of me and the band! Hihi…

some things that piss Morina off!

(In random order)
1. “I am fasting”. Now this may be true that you are doing some complicated fasting or stuff but is it necessary that an entire institution such as UOM for example knows about it? Hihi… my friends will know what I’m talking about and in this sense I admire Rooch for her ability to keep a fast without bragging about it. All thanks to her I have been able to keep my fasts properly during the past semester. Love ya honey!!

2. Complaining about something you have voluntarily done. Things like “my feet hurt” after coming back from a holy pilgrimage fall greatly in my esteem. The reason is simple: if you have voluntarily taken up something, it’s your choice, so better not try to impress people by complaints; they’ll think you’re a loser, like I do.
Now a small clarification is required here: complaining about studies does not fall in this category for the obvious reason that no one has ever voluntarily chosen to indulge into this mess and this one and that one. Hehe...

3. Putting up and emoticon or word next to your name on MSN messenger to show your support to an organization or a cause. It’s not that I hate those organizations, far from that. I would love to see them reach their goals. It’s just that I do not believe that a certain change is going to take place if you put this on your MSN apart from the fact that some will think “oh wow, X is such a nice person!” or some like me will think “DUH!”
Update: thanks to Yash for sending me this link check it out, it gives the exact reason why putting the word next to your MSN name won't make a change, because it applies only to AMERICAN users and since we are not Americans, hehe... i let you guess...

Let’s face it people, we are not some kinda star (though some of us are close). No one cares about our name on MSN.
What I propose is that we become celebrities or really rich and start an organization. And use our fame and money to promote our ideas? What say you? Let’s start with an acoustic concert!! Hihi…

So this is it ladies and gentlemen and my lovely little aliens. I know it is freaky and most of all disturbing for some when I write in this tone but if there’s anything I can say to smooth this out, it’s that if you know you’re my friend. I mean if I’ve made it clear that I like you be sure that I’m not pointing at you!!

p.s : this post was written in the bus in my wiro book, lol.. and Keli encouraged me to post it today :P. So you'll know whom to go kicking if you disagree with my opinions!

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

How to recognize a vampire? (Based on common beliefs and assumptions)

[In writing this I have tried to be as objective as possible. As you will notice I have left aside my personal opinion of the subject, giving you only the facts.]

Vampires are supposed to dwell in closed, private places, usually big manors, gothic-style castles made of black stone found in remote areas such as woods, and ok you get the cliché. So I conclude the queen of England is a vampire! Yeah right, so we actually assume that after centuries of evolution those guys still have to live in dark castles to hide away from the sun? There are some stuffs that can prove stupid the black-castle theory; they are called sunscreen, poverty and modernity.

So assuming that vampires exist they can now be found anywhere! Booh!

Next you’ll have to look for the physical appearance. Vampires have a dull creepy look in their eyes and they’ve got pale dried skin. And they always wear dark colors like black, dark red, dark green, dark pink with dots. Hehe… in fact we have never considered stuffs like moisturizers, mascara, plastic surgery, laughter therapy and personal preferences of some vampires for certain colors, like baby blue and candy pink. Haha!

Next comes the FANGS! Now this one is an essential! A vampire without fangs is not a vampire! Fangs should resemble those of dogs (thank you Cookie, for lending me a picture of your fangs).

So this goes to say that vampires are almost everywhere and the big problem in recognizing them is that some of them possess retractable fangs. Lol… retractable fangs! I don’t even know if this term exists, but well, sometimes I surprise myself with my ability of finding words.

So that’s it for now ladies and gents and my frightened aliens.

Monday, 19 March 2007

Grass can be your best friend

Today was quite of an unexpected day in lots of ways that I do not want to talk about. I wanted to do a post on vampires. I had even started writing it, even getting some of my pictures ready to give you a good laugh! It would have been about how to recognize a vampire. Maybe I will post it some other time soon when I have gathered enough good mood and humor to make you guys laugh.

Some hours ago I had a chat with Monisha and she sent me her link on deviantART, it’s really worth checking out, here’s the link: And she has proposed to edit one of my pictures too! Isn’t that great? Lol! Can’t wait to see what it will look like!

I’ve planted grass this evening. It was great. Me and my grasses alone, getting a hell of a conversation. It gave me some additional thinking time (cause you don’t actually use your brain when you are planting grasses, right?) and I came to the conclusion that homosexuals should not get laid in the sugar cane field right in front of my house cause firstly the canes are almost non-existent and secondly I could hear them.

Anyway I think I should get my sense of humor back before anyone notices. Hehe…

That’s it for today ladies and gentlemen and my lovely aliens. I know I’m being a pain in the ass, anyway…

Sunday, 18 March 2007

After Show

After the concert, back to a normal life and normal blog layout and normal language! I wish to apologize for my abuse of certain words on my last post. But I am happy that it gave a laugh, a fright and even a trauma to some. Lol...

The concert was great. I met lots of people. We had a proper laugh and my sister came, hmm, that was unexpected and a little bit unsettling for both of us. We are not used to that kind of socialization together.
But on the whole things went fine. The bands were great!

Some pictures of and after the concert, without comments! I'm really tired and I think I'll dedicate the night to some music and reading and off for a good night of sleep. Got to give tuitions tomorrow morning! Routine resumes as usual!

That's it for tonight my lovely aliens! I love you all.

Friday, 16 March 2007

How to be a rebel? (Explicit contents)

Tomorrow I’ll be going to this metal concert I’ve talked about earlier. So I’ve decided to invest my time today in transforming myself into a rebel! So the great question is, how to be a rebel?

Firstly there should be a change in my language and the layout of the blog. As you’ve all noticed this blog was all clean cut with the little blue, pink and white color! Duh! This is just worth some kinda little adolescent bitch who thinks that pink and white will make her look sweet! And why the hell don’t I use words like fuck or slut or dipshit! Fuck you! If you’re fucked up by reading this then don’t do it dumbasses! This is my blog, I do what I want! I don’t want your comments or views, I’m self sufficient! Damn this is funny! Oh I love it London, I fucking love it!! Listening to machine head right now dumbasses and the volume’s really higggggggghhhh! And I don’t give a damn if I don’t hear the phone or my doorbell ringing, I’m a rebel! Take my scars and burn in hell!

So having changed my language, I’ll proceed with my look. Firstly have you ever noticed how rebels look at people? They’ve got that constipated look that makes people think they are so cool! So right now I’m working on this look. Believe me, it’s damn hard! Big fucking respect to rebels! Whoa! I’ve also got to change my way of dressing, wearing exclusively black clothes and all the metal fixtures that I can find in my house. I’ve got to give up my Nivea nail varnishes and start wearing cheap black ones! Even Maybelline won’t do dumbasses!! Coz I’m your God now!!

Next comes the attitude. Now this will really determine if you’re a rebel or not! Let’s see what makes you a rebel in Mauritius:

1) However fucking funny you find a joke, don’t ever laugh at it!

2) Pretend to be poor and unintelligent but very artistic and creative but too lazy to produce anything creative and artistic

3) Get yourself tattooed a design that every other rebels have tattooed, this will affirm more how much of a rebel you are

4) Indulge in drugs and sex and piss off everyone when you acquire an incurable disease

5) Hate every other so-called good artist, because YOUR favorite artist (Linkin Park, Eminem, Nelly, Beyonce) is the best!!

6) Pretend to know what Metallica is and say that it is one of your favorite bands! [For “rockers”]

Now this is really going to be hard! Do I really have to fucking like Linkin Park? I remember once a guy told me that he wants to form a rock band! So when I asked him which rock style most precisely? He answered like Linkin Park. And I thought “oookay!” You’ve got it. The guy was a model, so can’t blame him.

That’s it for today ladies and gentlemen, you know I don’t give a fuck about you! Duh! And fuck you little aliens!

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Angels Don't Read Blogs!

Do you believe in angels? I do... There's one of them up there watching on me. Though she's younger than me, she's wiser and deserves to be among the Gods up ahead! I've spent some 2 weeks with her and she can be sure that I'll never forget her! Happy birthday Archana! Love you too much.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Something Egyptian...

I have always been fascinated by Egyptian history and arts. Ever since I was a kid I used to read everything I could find about Egyptian history in a huge encyclopedic dictionary that my dad had bought. I used to write down everything that I found and trace pictures from the dictionary and paint them afterwards (I did not want to tear down any pages from the respected dictionary). Even now the dictionary is in a happy state, about some fourteen years after its purchase.

Then later, I had developed the abnormal habit of watching documentaries rather than movies and this was enough to feed my fascination and a certain appetite for knowledge on Egypt. At approximately the same time came the internet but the only site available was, I’m talking of about some 10 years ago. This site was fantastic. Well structured, really well documented, with articles from the best Egyptologists.

Now you must be wondering why the hell you are reading all that? Hehe… I was about to come to that in a minute. Recently someone added me on MSN messenger. He started a conversation with a “Halo” I found this funny and a very appropriate reference to Machine Head’s new baby, Halo. I responded with a “Halo” too. Now it was time for the big question and I asked him from where he got my email add and he gave me a long explanation about getting my add in a forward mail, he even gave me the email add of the guy from whom he received the said email.

And the next thing he asked me was:

Loser: ur from egypt right ?

Loser: wanted to make egyptian friends

morina: what?

morina: nope

morina: I’m from Mauritius

morina: and I’m still in Mauritius right now

morina: dunno who told you that I’m from egypt

Loser: :|

Loser: sorry

Loser: bye

Loser: but your pic?

morina: what about my pic?

Loser: wait

Loser: your display pic on msn

Loser: plz dnt joke, bcuz i want to be an


morina: do I look Egyptian?

morina: ;D

morina: no i’m not

Loser: and ...... u get around ?

morina: in fact I love egypt too

Loser: morina it’s an egyptian name

morina: morina is my true name

morina: but it si not egyptian

morina: it’s sanskrit

morina: you`ve got it wrong

morina: egyptian names end with “is”

morina: or “ti”

Loser: LAST morina ????

Loser: you kno the meaning ?

Loser: why "last"

Loser: bcuz its related to egypt

morina: :Z

Loser: believe it or not

morina: lol

morina: yeah maybe

Loser: sory to disturb

morina: no prob

morina: so you read on egypt?

morina: what field most precisely?

Loser: egypt encryption with soft brush

especially is what i'm with

morina: ^o)

morina: you mean hieroglyphs?

Loser: advanced words of urs :S

Loser: ur really egyptised

morina: huh??

morina: lol

morina: so you like to study scriptures and


morina: can you decipher some of the alphabets?

This guy has been renamed “loser” to preserve his integrity. So let me comment on this one. Firstly do you actually think that he got my address out of nowhere and seeing the lastmorina he thought it was related to Egypt?! CRAP! Big CRAP! I just think he’s someone who knows about my love for Egyptian stuffs and he thought that I’d be pleased to know that someone is actually stupid enough to think that my name is Egyptian. If this had been true, sure I’d have been really happy. I’d have gone to thank my parents and grandma right away for having had a premonition that I was going to like Egyptian history and thus giving me an Egyptian name! DUH!

I think all of you have heard of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, have you ever heard of queen Morina of Egypt? Lol… though it sounds tempting, I don’t think I have ever heard that!

Next the guy is supposed to be a wanna-be-archaeologist and when I ask him about hieroglyphs he says: “advanced words of urs :S” either he is really modest or he’s a stupid baboon with no Egyptian knowledge at all. I'll take the second option.

And what are those supposed to mean “egypt encryption with soft brush especially is what i'm with” and “ur really egyptised”. Does he like live in his own planet and have his own dictionary! Encryption as in encrypted passwords? LOL!

Other that that it was really flattering that someone took enough pain to create a new email address, imagine a crap story, and run it on me. Though it was not worth the pain at all! Better luck next time buddy! Oh yeah,just in case you're running out of inspiration, I also love greek mythology! Hihi…

Tuesday, 13 March 2007

That thing we call concert!

It’s official. We are going to the Laribluz metal concert this Saturday! It’s not that I’m a great metal lover, but being a musician myself (ok, I admit, this is a Big overstatement). So I was saying, aspiring to be a musician myself, I love it when there are musical activities going around in the Mauritian scene. Hey! Come to think of it, I AM a musician. After all I’ve written songs and sang them in my bathroom and to my dogs. I’m sure this does count. And I am a metal lover! At least a Robb Flynn, Corey Taylor and Jevin lover.

Coming back to the concert itself, I’ve got absolutely no idea where Laribluz is found! Yeah yeah laugh at me you bunch of %*&*%$! I also didn’t know where the food court was found in Caudan! So what? Like you guys did know! Hihi… so it’s going to be the big discovery of Laribluz along with an after-a-long-time concert by some local bands. I can’t list the bands’ names; I don’t do free publicity. Lol…

The last concert I went to was funny. Now you’ll ask what's funny about a metal concert? And the funniest part is that I’m not going to tell you! Those who had the privilege of going there know what I’m talking about! Though I’m not sure they saw the same things as I did for the simple reason that my sobriety was questionable on that day! In short, I was drunk! Hihi.

So let’s wait and see my little aliens and folks how thing one’s gonna be!

Monday, 12 March 2007

Hmm... Monday?

Today when I woke up my dad was banging at my door. He was asking if I've got some strong perfume. Do I look like someone who needs strong perfume? Obviously, I was a bit lost and I said yeah you can have the one that smells bad up there. Actually it's a perfume that I got as a gift from an aunty. Trust me, it really smells bad. Like some sort of weird insecticide. So he sprayed the perfume on a handkerchief and went out. I decided to follow him. It was around 7 in the morning and I was feeling really drowsy, I had spent the night working on html things for my blog. You see, some changes have taken place over here. Come to think of it, I should change my banner by tonight! So I went out in the garden and found my mum looking particularly disgusted by something: it was a dead hedgehog! Gosh! Those things really stink! And it was my dad's job to get rid of the dead animal, poor dad!

Apart from that, the rest of the day went on smoothly. Not considering the fact that some sort of lesbian was annoying me on MSN. She was telling me that she almost cried when she read my blog! Can you believe that? WHY MEEE??!! And what is there to cry about on my blog? Did I miss something? DUH!

Anyway, and and I've had some great moments too!! :P Twas with Jev on the phone. I've even started writing like him! hihi.

I'm gonna update this post tonight ladies and gents and my invisible aliens. The day's not over! This is just written to give some people reading material! hihi!

Sunday, 11 March 2007


Today I feel unusually great! It is Sunday and tomorrow's a public holiday, what more can you ask for? Lol. Yeah you'll answer that you could do with a million rupees and a few personal cars etc... Gosh, those rhetorical questions are freaky sometimes, especially when they have got lots of alternative answers.

So today I woke up early without my mum having to wake me up, I've even managed to have breakfast before my first student came. Now that's a record! hihi... I guess I'm becoming a good teacher, oh please, say that I am. lol. So I gave a really brief tuition today, and and, I actually made those students LAUGH! I was smiling all the time and I even broke into a long and interminable fit of laughter when I read on one of the royalist's copybook that he's in form 1 Uranus. I know you'll ask what's the joke? But if you just split the word, you'll get Ur Anus. Now imagine a conversation of this sort, between a kid royalist and a very nosy relative: " in what section are you kiddo?" and the kid goes "in UrAnus". hehe... The guy will think the kid is rude. If you haven't found this funny you've got no sense of humor. :P so i broke into this laughter fit and the kids obviously thought I was mad but eventually they ended up laughing with me, though they had no idea what the joke was about. I guess my laughter is contagious.

This made the day and since I was in a good mood I've let them go 15 minutes earlier. Same went with the form 3 kids. It went on happily, we talked about independence day and I asked them to compose a poem of the occasion and they did brilliantly. I was impressed, really. Those kids have talent I tell ya! Guess its the love for the country thingy that drives them crazy and make them become creative and original kids!

lol... that's it for today folks and lovely aliens. I'm going to have an early lunch and perhaps spend the rest of my Sunday with a good book and some chilled lime juice and without forgetting my doggies! Cheers!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

smells like Mauritian spirit...

Being the great patriot that I am, (yeah yeah i know this one is a big scoop for you) I've decorated my blog appropriately, see the header above ^. lol. I don't know what to write more, almost everyone knows how Mauritius got its independence and even if you don't know, I'm sure you don't care and you have obviously not checked my blog as a history reference!! hihi.

Today I've watched TV a lot. It's amazing the amount of good documentaries we get to see on our local TV channel. This is no irony, ok maybe it's a semi irony, but really, sometimes when you least expect it you get to see a good documentary on TV. So today's documentary was about The Turin Shroud. Hehe... bet you guys don't know what that is! hihi... that's where I come in, feeling omniscient with my know-it-all air.

So the Turin Shroud was discovered in 1357, at least it was made public in that year. It is believed to contain the blood imprint of none other than Jesus Christ! Jeez!! hihi. And if you look closely you'll see Je's figure imprinted on that. Freaky huh! now the big question is, is that shroud genuine or is it a fake?

All kinds of tests were done on that shroud, including blood, pollen residue, carbon 13 and 14, exposure of the fabric to various acids and to the air to be able to trace back its date of origin and thus determine its age. However scientists still remain skeptical. Could it really belong to JC?

I've been thinking about something, what if it really belongs to Je? lol... I've read in Science et Vie that some scientists are planning the cloning of the holy christ. But we shouldn't forget that the clone, if ever it is made, will only have the appearance of the christ and not his so called powers.

So this got me thinking, What if God was one of us!!? hihi.

the mega show...

Just took 500mg of paracetamol before writing this post. I feel like those writers who need to be under medication constantly to be able to let go of their ideas. Lol. So what can I say about today? It’s been special like most of my other days. Special because I was accompanied by those people that make my days special and when they are all there together with me its just bliss… hihi, bliss like listening to a machine head song in the bus when you’re high on wine or like taking part in a show without planning to. Yeah we sang on the choir and it was great! Simply great.

So that’s it for today folks and little aliens. I think I really need a good sleep and I'll be posting the pics by tomorrow.

Thursday, 8 March 2007

counting down...

counting down to what promises to be the biggest laugh of our life... lol... we bought tickets to the show today and I even went to see parts of its rehearsal... hehe... so it's gonna be us there having a great laugh watching those fake models make a fun of themselves, God, this a once in a lifetime thing i tell ya and keli and Rooch are going to bring their cams. photos to come by tomorrow!

Wednesday, 7 March 2007

Ignorance and bliss...

Since I had too much things to talk about… yeah, yeah I’m considering changing the title of my blog. So I was saying, since I had too much things to talk about, you still haven’t grasped the pun have you? DUH! My blog is called “something to talk about” don’t click on the link, it’ll send you back here! Hehe… I’m sure you did click on the link! Gotcha! So coming back to what I was saying, since I had too much to talk about, actually this line reminds me of something Jevin really likes, no I’m not talking about some perv thing you pervs! So this reminded me of something Jevin likes, it’s called “comique de repetition”. Well, like I was saying previously, I’m sure now you’re really fed up, you’re even full to the brim… hehe…

Well, I was saying, since I had too much to talk about I have decided to write about nothing at all. Wow, I did finally make it.

Tuesday, 6 March 2007

attractive in the sense that i attract lots of problems...

Today I’ve watched TV with my parents. It was some oldies movie about reincarnation and stuffs. Since my mother had previously greatly talked about the film I wanted to watch it tonight. The first 5 minutes were okay, showing an artist who’s been buried alive by the king because he’s had the guts to want to marry the princess. And then I got bored. What my mum promised to be a highly suspense-full horror movie turned out to be a plain melodramatic one about some un-evil ghost who sits quietly and shares his problems with the reincarnation of his past love, that is, a “highly modern” girl. So as expected I quickly made up some excuses to leave my parents’ room. I even proposed to make tea but my mum insisted that I should not miss even one second of the movie. At some point, I had even started wondering whether we were watching the same movie.

Luckily those movies have long song shots that have nothing to do with the story. This gave me time to sneak into my room and do whatever I had to do. Hihi… finally I told my mum that I was going for the bath and I took the longest bath ever and when it was over I wished them goodnight pretending to be too tired for the movie.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt today, it’s not to show too much enthusiasm about a movie ever again, especially not in the presence of my mum. She doesn’t even make allowance for boredom in whatever activity one is supposed to do.

So that’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen and little aliens, I’m starting to believe that you actually read my posts, or at least visit my page. Hihi…

Monday, 5 March 2007


today i was home and obviously i was online, and i spent some enjoyable moments chatting with Yash, we were making some Dallas- like gossips about the life of people around us... i was updating him about what has happened recently in the life of people we know... i don't know about him but i have utterly enjoyed this moment... it's amazing how gossiping can be such a therapy. i don't know if yash will agree with me on this. oh well, he never reads my blog so he wouldn't even figure out that i've written about him. or maybe i should put some weird personal message on MSN, like this one : "yash check my blog, I've written about you"... hihi

we've also talked about the time he gave me this once-in-a-lifetime-counseling-from-yash about not leaving Mauritius and I admit he really made things become clear in my mind. it's amazing how some people can really help you get around your problems in just a few minutes.

and i also remember that some months back he was there when i needed a morale-booster and a confidante, he was both... helping me feel confident and also saying the right things to cheer me up! i'll never forget this yash... that is why this is written here!! lol... so this is it, my post for today... and green in honour of Yash.

Sunday, 4 March 2007

fighting spirit...

recently my boyfriend has started giving some importance to his blog, by recently i mean today and he's made 2 posts, you can check it out here. i really appreciate that he's started blogging again. i like to read stuffs that he writes. he's got style, though he thinks he hasn't or maybe he says he hasn't so that i wouldn't even bother to bother him about blogging... so just after a few minutes of his post he starts getting views and they are constantly rising... this has got me really confused and quite annoyed... why do people check his blog and not mine... grr!! maybe it's because men talk about lighter things than women.. lol... but somehow I'm happy for him... keep blogging jev, i love you... now on some related issue, today I've created a blog for our group. it's called banla... jev and I did a post each and we're waiting for keli and rooch's posts. right now the blog is inaccessible. i don't know why, but i hope that this situation is remedied. guess it's some kind of initiation that we should pass to p able to blog properly... like keli had to do before posting an image.. lol i'm not going to class tomorrow, it's finalised... hihi... so more blogging to come!! chiao chiao bambinos...


today when i woke up, i was ugly, really, it was not just an idea, i was really ugly, i don't know how. usually when i wake up, i look the best i could ever look and i wish i could carry that look to the university... unfortunately, a bath and face washing and hair passing-my-finger-ing do disasters to my look... but today i was really ugly, not that i'm much of a lovely person, but i think sometimes i look good, or so my friends say, if you don't agree then talk to them, i'm not responsible, hihi...

so, coming back to this morning's look disaster, i did not know what to do, it was 7:20 a.m and i had to give tuitions in 10 minutes to a bunch of clean little punctuality and studies freaks royalists and i wasn't prepared for this. my mum came to wake me up and i remember her saying "mou sorry i had to wake you up but it's 7:20 a.m, i mean you should get ready and not have them wait, some of them came here at 6:55 a.m"
gosh! can you believe that? those kids actually came here at 6 a.m something! wait when they'll be 20, then they'll know the importance of a nice sleep. so i woke up leaving behind a wonderful dream where i was hugging Jevin like a crazy stupid teenager and he was telling Aamir Khan that he'll drop me home now that we're adults and I guess I was really happy about the idea judging from my hysteric hugs and giggles... God! it was such a happy dream...

so i woke up and stared at my reflection in the mirror, i did not scream, hihi... i just kept staring wondering how i got this way and i thought maybe it's the lack of water... now this deserves some explanation... once Jevin pointed out to me the presence of many water bottles in my room, he saw them in almost all my photos and really, it's true, i've always got water bottles everywhere around me, I feel secure drinking water i guess and the lack of water in my system drives me nuts. recently, with the passing of the cyclone and the cautions about drinking boiled water etc has decreased to almost zero my daily water intake. but today, i'm drinking tap water, come what may! lol... i'll let you know if anything happens to me...

so i went for a quick shower and teeth brushing and change of clothes and i felt better... i gave the freaking tuitions, those kids catch whatever i say at the speed of light so it wasn't really a hard job. next came the form 3 batch, now those kids they catch whatever i say on reverse mode, so basically i end up giving tuition and trying to find simple ways to put french grammar forward to them... but on the whole things went really fine plus I GOT PAID!! [and not laid, that'll come soon i guess]

so this goes to say that mummy is filthy rich, that is for the time being, so ladies and gentlemen, friends and little aliens, if you read this post through and comment it, hihi... i'm buying you lunch :P mc do keli? hihi and jev, chow king? LOL

Friday, 2 March 2007

Recently I’ve been into so many things, I’m writing something which looks like a book, it’s a month old project, it’s about a girl, that’s all I can say for now, I’m also into blogging, which I am doing write now, did you know that the word “blogging” doesn’t exist? My mozilla just told me that. I’m giving some small attention to my studies, which I didn’t do before, getting prepared for any eventual tests, haha… guess that’s the madness of the second semester coming through. I’m also totally into very unpopular songs which I find really really wonderful. There’s this song called Under the covers by a band called The Village Green, I’m totally addicted to this song.

Anyway, I’ve just learnt that on the 9th of this month there’s gonna be this Megadeth oops, sorry, Mega Show thingy at UOM… duh, like anyone ever attends those… hihi, keli, keli are we going to the mega show thing?


Today, I was home, revising, duh! Like anyone ever stays at home alone to revise. I ended up sleeping a lot, dancing a lot and getting regrets as time passed and I was missing my guy and my friends like crazy. during my really long naps I made weird dreams, like I was pregnant, like it's been a month since I’ve delivered my baby, like I’m with Jevin in a theatre, then in a bus, then in a bus-theatre... weird... when I woke up, my sister was at my door, asking me if I’ll be going to the kali maa mandir today, like I do every Thursdays when I’m home early, I said yeah, in fact I tried to say no but I thought she'll think I’m not religious enough. But it was 5 pm damnit and did I mention that I had just woken up to a particularly weird and traumatizing series of weird and traumatising dreams? So there I was, walking like a zombie to go to that mandir found in some sort of tomb raiderish background consisting of sugar cane fields, old truck parts and unasphalted, dusty roads. It was a five-minute walk and when we got there we set to our usual cleaning of the place, removing dried flowers. Then I did a little prayer and on the way home I made a detour to a little shop to buy chocolate. At home I sat on the couch in my parents' room and ate the chocolate while watching a dumb local culinary TV show, which I found quite interesting and I even ended up talking about it at dinner. My mum seemed really interested, weird... but she rapidly changed the subject to my Sunday tuitions, now this was more like my mum. And I’ve just learnt that we'll be celebrating my birthday, at last, on Saturday, this is good news as I was worrying that my dress becomes obsolete in the few days to come... anyway, cheers and happy birthday Toops...