Sunday, 18 March 2007

After Show

After the concert, back to a normal life and normal blog layout and normal language! I wish to apologize for my abuse of certain words on my last post. But I am happy that it gave a laugh, a fright and even a trauma to some. Lol...

The concert was great. I met lots of people. We had a proper laugh and my sister came, hmm, that was unexpected and a little bit unsettling for both of us. We are not used to that kind of socialization together.
But on the whole things went fine. The bands were great!

Some pictures of and after the concert, without comments! I'm really tired and I think I'll dedicate the night to some music and reading and off for a good night of sleep. Got to give tuitions tomorrow morning! Routine resumes as usual!

That's it for tonight my lovely aliens! I love you all.


  1. I am glad you enjoyed the show. Have a nice day!

  2. k i know no one's gonna do it so i'm at it. :P

    Photo 1:
    random persons. lol

    Photo 2:
    "Insane" on stage

    Photo 3:
    Mwa en haut a droite. lol Et ar zanon la c kris chanteur infested maggots.

    Photo 4:
    tres tres artistic, no comments

    Photo 5:
    from left to right: fish, dom et mwa

    Photo 6:
    left to right: dom, pakner kisanla et jeevs. ban nonsense kwa (zis dom n jeevs).. lol groupe la so nom sa nonsense. :P