Tuesday, 6 March 2007

attractive in the sense that i attract lots of problems...

Today I’ve watched TV with my parents. It was some oldies movie about reincarnation and stuffs. Since my mother had previously greatly talked about the film I wanted to watch it tonight. The first 5 minutes were okay, showing an artist who’s been buried alive by the king because he’s had the guts to want to marry the princess. And then I got bored. What my mum promised to be a highly suspense-full horror movie turned out to be a plain melodramatic one about some un-evil ghost who sits quietly and shares his problems with the reincarnation of his past love, that is, a “highly modern” girl. So as expected I quickly made up some excuses to leave my parents’ room. I even proposed to make tea but my mum insisted that I should not miss even one second of the movie. At some point, I had even started wondering whether we were watching the same movie.

Luckily those movies have long song shots that have nothing to do with the story. This gave me time to sneak into my room and do whatever I had to do. Hihi… finally I told my mum that I was going for the bath and I took the longest bath ever and when it was over I wished them goodnight pretending to be too tired for the movie.

If there’s anything I’ve learnt today, it’s not to show too much enthusiasm about a movie ever again, especially not in the presence of my mum. She doesn’t even make allowance for boredom in whatever activity one is supposed to do.

So that’s it for today, ladies and gentlemen and little aliens, I’m starting to believe that you actually read my posts, or at least visit my page. Hihi…

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  1. bloggers dont watch hindi films.. :/ duh.. Learn the rule!! LOL LOL LOL