Monday, 5 March 2007


today i was home and obviously i was online, and i spent some enjoyable moments chatting with Yash, we were making some Dallas- like gossips about the life of people around us... i was updating him about what has happened recently in the life of people we know... i don't know about him but i have utterly enjoyed this moment... it's amazing how gossiping can be such a therapy. i don't know if yash will agree with me on this. oh well, he never reads my blog so he wouldn't even figure out that i've written about him. or maybe i should put some weird personal message on MSN, like this one : "yash check my blog, I've written about you"... hihi

we've also talked about the time he gave me this once-in-a-lifetime-counseling-from-yash about not leaving Mauritius and I admit he really made things become clear in my mind. it's amazing how some people can really help you get around your problems in just a few minutes.

and i also remember that some months back he was there when i needed a morale-booster and a confidante, he was both... helping me feel confident and also saying the right things to cheer me up! i'll never forget this yash... that is why this is written here!! lol... so this is it, my post for today... and green in honour of Yash.


  1. Thnx... U gonna make me blush la...