Tuesday, 27 March 2007

bloody sunday...

Some reasons why I hate a segment of my family:

1) they are hypocrites

2) fascists

3) capitalists (changed from communists, because Kervin gave a long explanation about it! hihi)

4) stupid

5) assholes

Some reasons why that same segment of my family hate me, because I am not:

1) Poor

2) Stupid

3) Ugly

So you must be wondering how come I am talking about this on a Sunday when I was supposed to be having fun and be really happy. Well I was, before that bunch of shits came to my home to invite us to a ceremony. It should be made illegal to come to people’s place without informing them, especially on Sundays. So I got out of my room, put on my fake smile and went to greet those people and help my mum make tea, because those people are just too polite to refuse when you offer them tea. They’d rather stuff their ugly faces with tea and fried cakes than be impolite. We got the cheap invitation card, looked at it, my dad pretended to be really happy that a kid’s “janeo ceremony” is coming soon. I really don’t get what is there to be happy about. I sincerely don’t think that this stupid moron will get smarter and more successful in his shitty life after this ceremony. It’s not his fault, really, like it isn’t mine that I share the same last name as those morons.

Now you must be wondering whether I am being too biased in writing this. I’ve got 2 answers to that:

1) this is my blog, so I don’t give a shit if I am biased or not

2) Having lived 14 years with those things I can guarantee that I am being totally objective hereon.

So that settles it. Oh, by the way, I am not talking about my close relatives here, that is, not my father’s brothers etc… I am talking about my father’s cousin’s family. I don’t know why I wish to precise this. Maybe to let you guys know that I am not the type to go about hating everyone for existing. I just hate those shits that hate me too. This is called reciprocal feelings.

So that’s it for today ladies and gents and my pissed off aliens.


  1. mo cav rentre fami ar ou???

    Can i be your relative? HAHAHAHA

  2. LOL jevin! bah journee typique ou on ferais mieux de rester couchÉ :P

    buy a shotgun and go berserk next time u see them... i bet they would remember not to piss u off again :P

  3. on choisit pas sa famille woo man! mais on peut choisir ses amis! ih, happi tone choose moi, euh eski mo fascist?!

  4. Hey Morinn, you change the layout of your blog almost everyday?!? It is like we don't know what r we going to see each time we visit!!!

    Love it!!!!!!!!!

  5. well sweet morina, well these words were harsh might hurt u.sweet ones r more appropriate for u.lol.well y not wish smthin nice for em.eg, may they b happy in their home so that they dont bother u again.lol.u can do it.

  6. mais ki to ena contre ban 3)communist! o fait ban communist pa moV zot, sis ban capitalist, us, uk ,france... ki rod fer nou kwar ki communist moV mais communist ena so ban bon koT. mais errer gagne droit ena stanlin in fer 2-3 errers Kim Jong Il dan la Nkorea la si. Mais Lenin ou enkor MAO ti ban grand leader commnuist!! En communist C la lit des pauvres contre ban riches!!! si to ti kav replace 3) communist par 3)capitalist pa ti pou mal...

  7. merde mo ti blier a kel point kervin so comment ti barbant! lol. just kidding!

    btw thanks JP, for being a fan ;)