Thursday, 22 March 2007

Here Goes Nothing...

There are so many things I want to write about that I don’t even know from where to start. I want to write about the band and all the new songs that are coming to my mind while I am doing weird things like washing my hair and feeding my dogs and cat (yes I’ve got a cat and he is called Minoushettebabamimi. Yes he is a he, though at first we thought he was a she) and drying my hair and talking to my dad while he is trying to look at my laptop screen and find out what I’m up to. Did I tell you guys how he found out that I have a blog? Well it was quite simple, he came in my room along with my mum to talk to me, as usual, and he saw my blog, yeah I was actually viewing my own blog, how dumb of me! Speaking about dumb, I told someone he/she was dumb today and right now I don’t give a damn about it. I mean everyone knows I am a rebel! Lol! I think I am taking this rebel thing seriously, but I should not! The number one rule of being a rebel is not to take things seriously. You get the ambiguity of the situation? Haha…

I have noticed something really strange lately, many people are actually drawn towards rebels! My favorite bloggers are all rebels! They are anti conformist people who rightly express their views and opinions or write about their life with such a sarcasm that you can’t help but love them! Lol…

And And And I am trying to practice my metal voice! :$ believe me it is so damn hard! and i have spent the past hours listening to ten tonnes of machine heads and slipknots! hehe... if guys can do it, why can't girls? let's wait and see what comes of it...

Here goes nothing ladies and gents and my invisible aliens…


  1. Nothing is better than something really awful or something that sucks. Emptiness is the source for the greatest creations and achievements in life, like when you are sitting in front of you laptop, doing nothing and thinking about how much you hate your life and suddenly strange and beautiful thoughts start to fill your empty mind and your emptiness becomes inspiration [stopping for a moment, to take a breath] and inspiration becomes a wonderful set of words or lines, and it shakes your body and mind, and you dance and you cry, and you sing along your favourite bands [a deeper breath] and you feel alive again! Does it make any sense? :S

  2. Well by reading at your profile, i was stroke by a feeling of familiarity something si really going o happen some days.. in front of me is a rebel you . instead of despising it, I love them. now you would ask me why? because i am myself i am a non comformist if someone says a , i shall definitely tell 'z' me, thats my way of calculating out things.
    By going further i am seeing that so many songs are running through your head as somany poems had run through mine at one time, and till now too! What to do? Morinn these are called Vibrations, what to say?
    I am receptive and I am more than Glad to see that another person knws how to utilize this special booon gifted to them, I shall pen down now, had to view your other pages too, na?

  3. oh how I love cats me too! do you know that people who has a real special love for animals are the one who are the most blessed with nature's joy and bliss! well animals are man's good companions and cats are the loveliest, did you know about it?
    And I am really glad that the animals got a nice master like you, hmm!

  4. et biento le minou jouera dla batterie :D


  5. hey nice cat
    i supose u must b cuter than it
    god bless
    b happy 4 eva