Monday, 12 March 2007

Hmm... Monday?

Today when I woke up my dad was banging at my door. He was asking if I've got some strong perfume. Do I look like someone who needs strong perfume? Obviously, I was a bit lost and I said yeah you can have the one that smells bad up there. Actually it's a perfume that I got as a gift from an aunty. Trust me, it really smells bad. Like some sort of weird insecticide. So he sprayed the perfume on a handkerchief and went out. I decided to follow him. It was around 7 in the morning and I was feeling really drowsy, I had spent the night working on html things for my blog. You see, some changes have taken place over here. Come to think of it, I should change my banner by tonight! So I went out in the garden and found my mum looking particularly disgusted by something: it was a dead hedgehog! Gosh! Those things really stink! And it was my dad's job to get rid of the dead animal, poor dad!

Apart from that, the rest of the day went on smoothly. Not considering the fact that some sort of lesbian was annoying me on MSN. She was telling me that she almost cried when she read my blog! Can you believe that? WHY MEEE??!! And what is there to cry about on my blog? Did I miss something? DUH!

Anyway, and and I've had some great moments too!! :P Twas with Jev on the phone. I've even started writing like him! hihi.

I'm gonna update this post tonight ladies and gents and my invisible aliens. The day's not over! This is just written to give some people reading material! hihi!


  1. grrr thx for the reading material mo! avoye lesbienne la lor moi plz :)

  2. LOL keli..

    sonic the hedgehog.. :P:P

    to viv dan la campagne americain pu to gagne sa??? Simple Life huh.. :P:P

  3. There is nothing to cry about on your blog. On the contrary, it is very enjoyable and pleasant to read!It was a good approach though :D