Saturday, 10 March 2007

smells like Mauritian spirit...

Being the great patriot that I am, (yeah yeah i know this one is a big scoop for you) I've decorated my blog appropriately, see the header above ^. lol. I don't know what to write more, almost everyone knows how Mauritius got its independence and even if you don't know, I'm sure you don't care and you have obviously not checked my blog as a history reference!! hihi.

Today I've watched TV a lot. It's amazing the amount of good documentaries we get to see on our local TV channel. This is no irony, ok maybe it's a semi irony, but really, sometimes when you least expect it you get to see a good documentary on TV. So today's documentary was about The Turin Shroud. Hehe... bet you guys don't know what that is! hihi... that's where I come in, feeling omniscient with my know-it-all air.

So the Turin Shroud was discovered in 1357, at least it was made public in that year. It is believed to contain the blood imprint of none other than Jesus Christ! Jeez!! hihi. And if you look closely you'll see Je's figure imprinted on that. Freaky huh! now the big question is, is that shroud genuine or is it a fake?

All kinds of tests were done on that shroud, including blood, pollen residue, carbon 13 and 14, exposure of the fabric to various acids and to the air to be able to trace back its date of origin and thus determine its age. However scientists still remain skeptical. Could it really belong to JC?

I've been thinking about something, what if it really belongs to Je? lol... I've read in Science et Vie that some scientists are planning the cloning of the holy christ. But we shouldn't forget that the clone, if ever it is made, will only have the appearance of the christ and not his so called powers.

So this got me thinking, What if God was one of us!!? hihi.

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