Wednesday, 21 March 2007

some things that piss Morina off!

(In random order)
1. “I am fasting”. Now this may be true that you are doing some complicated fasting or stuff but is it necessary that an entire institution such as UOM for example knows about it? Hihi… my friends will know what I’m talking about and in this sense I admire Rooch for her ability to keep a fast without bragging about it. All thanks to her I have been able to keep my fasts properly during the past semester. Love ya honey!!

2. Complaining about something you have voluntarily done. Things like “my feet hurt” after coming back from a holy pilgrimage fall greatly in my esteem. The reason is simple: if you have voluntarily taken up something, it’s your choice, so better not try to impress people by complaints; they’ll think you’re a loser, like I do.
Now a small clarification is required here: complaining about studies does not fall in this category for the obvious reason that no one has ever voluntarily chosen to indulge into this mess and this one and that one. Hehe...

3. Putting up and emoticon or word next to your name on MSN messenger to show your support to an organization or a cause. It’s not that I hate those organizations, far from that. I would love to see them reach their goals. It’s just that I do not believe that a certain change is going to take place if you put this on your MSN apart from the fact that some will think “oh wow, X is such a nice person!” or some like me will think “DUH!”
Update: thanks to Yash for sending me this link check it out, it gives the exact reason why putting the word next to your MSN name won't make a change, because it applies only to AMERICAN users and since we are not Americans, hehe... i let you guess...

Let’s face it people, we are not some kinda star (though some of us are close). No one cares about our name on MSN.
What I propose is that we become celebrities or really rich and start an organization. And use our fame and money to promote our ideas? What say you? Let’s start with an acoustic concert!! Hihi…

So this is it ladies and gentlemen and my lovely little aliens. I know it is freaky and most of all disturbing for some when I write in this tone but if there’s anything I can say to smooth this out, it’s that if you know you’re my friend. I mean if I’ve made it clear that I like you be sure that I’m not pointing at you!!

p.s : this post was written in the bus in my wiro book, lol.. and Keli encouraged me to post it today :P. So you'll know whom to go kicking if you disagree with my opinions!

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  1. dont come kiking at my ass. what morinn says is true man, couldn't be truer. hih.
    morinn rules man!
    pas moi ki p ekrir sa, c ene etre kine pran possession mo lekor akoz le trop de caffeine present dans mon corps et mon esprit ou plutot mon mank desprit. wiwi mo p koz kk...wi wi mo mank plan...wiwi mo koner mo p fer sa comment la vine tro long ek personne penvi lir ban trik kumsa aprestout, wi wi, mais sa lher la mo ti sipozer p dodo moi man, pres pou 2hr la...uh, blame it on the caffeine man. mo bizin aret dir man. mo bizin aret dir fran tou. ello.