Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Something Egyptian...

I have always been fascinated by Egyptian history and arts. Ever since I was a kid I used to read everything I could find about Egyptian history in a huge encyclopedic dictionary that my dad had bought. I used to write down everything that I found and trace pictures from the dictionary and paint them afterwards (I did not want to tear down any pages from the respected dictionary). Even now the dictionary is in a happy state, about some fourteen years after its purchase.

Then later, I had developed the abnormal habit of watching documentaries rather than movies and this was enough to feed my fascination and a certain appetite for knowledge on Egypt. At approximately the same time came the internet but the only site available was, I’m talking of about some 10 years ago. This site was fantastic. Well structured, really well documented, with articles from the best Egyptologists.

Now you must be wondering why the hell you are reading all that? Hehe… I was about to come to that in a minute. Recently someone added me on MSN messenger. He started a conversation with a “Halo” I found this funny and a very appropriate reference to Machine Head’s new baby, Halo. I responded with a “Halo” too. Now it was time for the big question and I asked him from where he got my email add and he gave me a long explanation about getting my add in a forward mail, he even gave me the email add of the guy from whom he received the said email.

And the next thing he asked me was:

Loser: ur from egypt right ?

Loser: wanted to make egyptian friends

morina: what?

morina: nope

morina: I’m from Mauritius

morina: and I’m still in Mauritius right now

morina: dunno who told you that I’m from egypt

Loser: :|

Loser: sorry

Loser: bye

Loser: but your pic?

morina: what about my pic?

Loser: wait

Loser: your display pic on msn

Loser: plz dnt joke, bcuz i want to be an


morina: do I look Egyptian?

morina: ;D

morina: no i’m not

Loser: and ...... u get around ?

morina: in fact I love egypt too

Loser: morina it’s an egyptian name

morina: morina is my true name

morina: but it si not egyptian

morina: it’s sanskrit

morina: you`ve got it wrong

morina: egyptian names end with “is”

morina: or “ti”

Loser: LAST morina ????

Loser: you kno the meaning ?

Loser: why "last"

Loser: bcuz its related to egypt

morina: :Z

Loser: believe it or not

morina: lol

morina: yeah maybe

Loser: sory to disturb

morina: no prob

morina: so you read on egypt?

morina: what field most precisely?

Loser: egypt encryption with soft brush

especially is what i'm with

morina: ^o)

morina: you mean hieroglyphs?

Loser: advanced words of urs :S

Loser: ur really egyptised

morina: huh??

morina: lol

morina: so you like to study scriptures and


morina: can you decipher some of the alphabets?

This guy has been renamed “loser” to preserve his integrity. So let me comment on this one. Firstly do you actually think that he got my address out of nowhere and seeing the lastmorina he thought it was related to Egypt?! CRAP! Big CRAP! I just think he’s someone who knows about my love for Egyptian stuffs and he thought that I’d be pleased to know that someone is actually stupid enough to think that my name is Egyptian. If this had been true, sure I’d have been really happy. I’d have gone to thank my parents and grandma right away for having had a premonition that I was going to like Egyptian history and thus giving me an Egyptian name! DUH!

I think all of you have heard of Cleopatra, Nefertiti, Hatshepsut, have you ever heard of queen Morina of Egypt? Lol… though it sounds tempting, I don’t think I have ever heard that!

Next the guy is supposed to be a wanna-be-archaeologist and when I ask him about hieroglyphs he says: “advanced words of urs :S” either he is really modest or he’s a stupid baboon with no Egyptian knowledge at all. I'll take the second option.

And what are those supposed to mean “egypt encryption with soft brush especially is what i'm with” and “ur really egyptised”. Does he like live in his own planet and have his own dictionary! Encryption as in encrypted passwords? LOL!

Other that that it was really flattering that someone took enough pain to create a new email address, imagine a crap story, and run it on me. Though it was not worth the pain at all! Better luck next time buddy! Oh yeah,just in case you're running out of inspiration, I also love greek mythology! Hihi…


  1. I've heard of Queen Morina of Egypt!!! LOL

  2. lol po mwa ha...
    sel dimune ki otan mank plan ek ki kone toi par ker...euh mo sir JEVIN ha!!!!

  3. I wonder wat morina means in sanskrit??? LOL

  4. li ena kitsoz a fer ek bne peacocks nom morina la!! hihi

  5. I'll go with stupid baboon!!! By the Way i am Greek-Cypriot, so i know a couple of things about greek mythology! LOL!!!

  6. Actually hereis my favourite Greek Mythology story, the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Just for you and Jevin. I hope you like it!

  7. Line bien mette so nick en tout cas... "Loser"... lolz