Thursday, 29 March 2007

something hmmm, weird...

Recently something has happened that has left me feeling all weird and laughing and intrigued and rebellious (huh?) I guess I was lacking a fourth adjective. So Keli has received an anonymous comment on her blog. In her post she has given her opinion on the people who have modeled for the mega show. And someone, who is my opinion is coward enough to leave an anonymous comment, has asked her to get into catwalk for the next show and see whether people won’t call her “a dumb bimbo”. The point is, I did not see anywhere on Keli’s post that she wanted desperately to play models on stage for the show. I guess the gal/guy who from now on will be called “cowardo” suffers from what we call the sponge brain syndrome. So cowardo left this comment feeling all powerful and like “wow, I’ve made my point clear when I’ve left this anonymous comment”. I’m sorry to tell you this but you’ve really made only one point clear: YOU ARE A COMPLETE IDIOT. And there are 3 reasons to prove this.

1) You actually read all the way through a person’s blog to go to an old post and put a comment about something your tiny brain has not well understood.

2) You have never heard of stuffs like liberty of speech, expression.

3) You did not comment my blog. (ok, that one is a bit biased)

So cowardo, get on with your life and let people think what they want. I mean a person’s blog is his/her personal space. You might or might not agree with what this person writes but you’ve got to respect the person’s thoughts.

Now moving on to a happy note(am I not talking like Dumbledore? Weird huh?). I’ve had a wonderful afternoon today with my friends playing a card game which I won. Hihi… by bluffing that is! So I’ll better leave you here with the picture of a poster. It's about the CEDEM SHOW that is going to take place tomorrow at Octave Wiehe auditorium, Reduit. Be sure to be there if you happen to be around. It's for a good cause ladies and gentlemen and my benevolent aliens!

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  1. lol. absolutely right. even if i fink he was right about the dumb bimbo part.

  2. Hey mone envi mette ene anonymous comment moi si! lolz... Mo gueter si to koner moi ki moi!!! LOSSSSS....

  3. merd... mn rater mo ti bizin met anonymous too :(

    lol, kidding!

  4. hello morina my name is anonymous. LOL

  5. Guete bez, 2 lossss enkor ine cokin mo nom!!! pffffttt \\

  6. Hey Morina,
    You are right. I’m also getting anonymous comments [btw I know who’s posting them] but at least they respect the things I write. Ok it is not so bad to disagree with the author’s thought but we should respect the fact that a person can write whatever he or she feels like. I’ve read in a Greek blog that everybody is commenting each others post and giving compliments just to make friends and stuff. I don’t agree with that. My opinion is that you don’t have to be rude, if you don’t like the things written in a blog then stop reading it!