Sunday, 25 March 2007


Today was a weird day. I've missed my friends a lot. One of the good things out of it was that I got this picture today from Monisha. I just love it! Thanks thanks thanks! I really love it. It has really helped to lighten my mood.

so that's it for today ladies and gents and my Gothic aliens. I am star gazing from where I am and the moon is freaky tonight. I think I'll go get some sleep.


  1. It's a very nice picture. Your friend must be really talented!!

  2. LOL Yeah and your friend is also talented to convince people that their life is hell and they should end it as soon as possible. LOL HAHAHAHA

  3. zoliii pic woo man!
    muah salope!

  4. Hello, morinn!
    Very nice work. Thank you.

  5. Hey... ki eter sa??? Carte Postale???? lolz... :P

  6. well thats a nice piece of graphics..

    ermmm.. maybe u could include it in the cd case when u take out ur album! :P

    or simply use it as box art :D

    cheerz mo