Sunday, 4 March 2007


today when i woke up, i was ugly, really, it was not just an idea, i was really ugly, i don't know how. usually when i wake up, i look the best i could ever look and i wish i could carry that look to the university... unfortunately, a bath and face washing and hair passing-my-finger-ing do disasters to my look... but today i was really ugly, not that i'm much of a lovely person, but i think sometimes i look good, or so my friends say, if you don't agree then talk to them, i'm not responsible, hihi...

so, coming back to this morning's look disaster, i did not know what to do, it was 7:20 a.m and i had to give tuitions in 10 minutes to a bunch of clean little punctuality and studies freaks royalists and i wasn't prepared for this. my mum came to wake me up and i remember her saying "mou sorry i had to wake you up but it's 7:20 a.m, i mean you should get ready and not have them wait, some of them came here at 6:55 a.m"
gosh! can you believe that? those kids actually came here at 6 a.m something! wait when they'll be 20, then they'll know the importance of a nice sleep. so i woke up leaving behind a wonderful dream where i was hugging Jevin like a crazy stupid teenager and he was telling Aamir Khan that he'll drop me home now that we're adults and I guess I was really happy about the idea judging from my hysteric hugs and giggles... God! it was such a happy dream...

so i woke up and stared at my reflection in the mirror, i did not scream, hihi... i just kept staring wondering how i got this way and i thought maybe it's the lack of water... now this deserves some explanation... once Jevin pointed out to me the presence of many water bottles in my room, he saw them in almost all my photos and really, it's true, i've always got water bottles everywhere around me, I feel secure drinking water i guess and the lack of water in my system drives me nuts. recently, with the passing of the cyclone and the cautions about drinking boiled water etc has decreased to almost zero my daily water intake. but today, i'm drinking tap water, come what may! lol... i'll let you know if anything happens to me...

so i went for a quick shower and teeth brushing and change of clothes and i felt better... i gave the freaking tuitions, those kids catch whatever i say at the speed of light so it wasn't really a hard job. next came the form 3 batch, now those kids they catch whatever i say on reverse mode, so basically i end up giving tuition and trying to find simple ways to put french grammar forward to them... but on the whole things went really fine plus I GOT PAID!! [and not laid, that'll come soon i guess]

so this goes to say that mummy is filthy rich, that is for the time being, so ladies and gentlemen, friends and little aliens, if you read this post through and comment it, hihi... i'm buying you lunch :P mc do keli? hihi and jev, chow king? LOL


  1. i'm in for chow king.. no matter what.. lol

  2. yup watever that is, i'm in good ol' mummy mo.

  3. hihi, knew it'll be the 2 of you!! lol

  4. i have got your url from jevin... lol... he did not want to tell me he had a girl friend! what a gr8 flirt your bf is!! no seriously he is a nice guy. it's nice to talk to him and i think you are nice too.