Tuesday, 13 March 2007

That thing we call concert!

It’s official. We are going to the Laribluz metal concert this Saturday! It’s not that I’m a great metal lover, but being a musician myself (ok, I admit, this is a Big overstatement). So I was saying, aspiring to be a musician myself, I love it when there are musical activities going around in the Mauritian scene. Hey! Come to think of it, I AM a musician. After all I’ve written songs and sang them in my bathroom and to my dogs. I’m sure this does count. And I am a metal lover! At least a Robb Flynn, Corey Taylor and Jevin lover.

Coming back to the concert itself, I’ve got absolutely no idea where Laribluz is found! Yeah yeah laugh at me you bunch of %*&*%$! I also didn’t know where the food court was found in Caudan! So what? Like you guys did know! Hihi… so it’s going to be the big discovery of Laribluz along with an after-a-long-time concert by some local bands. I can’t list the bands’ names; I don’t do free publicity. Lol…

The last concert I went to was funny. Now you’ll ask what's funny about a metal concert? And the funniest part is that I’m not going to tell you! Those who had the privilege of going there know what I’m talking about! Though I’m not sure they saw the same things as I did for the simple reason that my sobriety was questionable on that day! In short, I was drunk! Hihi.

So let’s wait and see my little aliens and folks how thing one’s gonna be!

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  1. you re making me wanting it..... :(:(

    Guess i'll be going to laribluz :P:P