Friday, 2 March 2007


Today, I was home, revising, duh! Like anyone ever stays at home alone to revise. I ended up sleeping a lot, dancing a lot and getting regrets as time passed and I was missing my guy and my friends like crazy. during my really long naps I made weird dreams, like I was pregnant, like it's been a month since I’ve delivered my baby, like I’m with Jevin in a theatre, then in a bus, then in a bus-theatre... weird... when I woke up, my sister was at my door, asking me if I’ll be going to the kali maa mandir today, like I do every Thursdays when I’m home early, I said yeah, in fact I tried to say no but I thought she'll think I’m not religious enough. But it was 5 pm damnit and did I mention that I had just woken up to a particularly weird and traumatizing series of weird and traumatising dreams? So there I was, walking like a zombie to go to that mandir found in some sort of tomb raiderish background consisting of sugar cane fields, old truck parts and unasphalted, dusty roads. It was a five-minute walk and when we got there we set to our usual cleaning of the place, removing dried flowers. Then I did a little prayer and on the way home I made a detour to a little shop to buy chocolate. At home I sat on the couch in my parents' room and ate the chocolate while watching a dumb local culinary TV show, which I found quite interesting and I even ended up talking about it at dinner. My mum seemed really interested, weird... but she rapidly changed the subject to my Sunday tuitions, now this was more like my mum. And I’ve just learnt that we'll be celebrating my birthday, at last, on Saturday, this is good news as I was worrying that my dress becomes obsolete in the few days to come... anyway, cheers and happy birthday Toops...

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