Sunday, 15 April 2007


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Thank you for loving me through all of my imperfections, weird character, arrogance, selfishness, dictatorship, hatred of others, sensitivity, bad moods, too much expectations. God, it's amazing how a nice person I am!

But jokes apart, I owe you a lot.

Ten months today, I don't want to remind you about it cause I know it does not matter to you. It does not matter cause you've remained as you were right from the first days, full of dreams, caring like a dad, fierce as a lion, gentle as a puppy...

you were always there to protect me, guide me, comfort me, encourage me... i never thought one person could fulfill all of these tasks. And then came your song "she came in my dreams". I feel like I've never thanked you enough for it. come to think of it, I've never thanked you enough for being with me...

I love you.


  1. Love you too honey. This is like the best post i ever read. 432

  2. merd avan mo lir jevin so comment mo ti kwar to ti p koz moi dans sa post la!
    shit aster mo senti moi p intrude dans zot ban hum hum!
    nyways just to say that i love seeing u two happi togever!!!

  3. indeed! :D nice post....

    for once i won't spoil that great moment of pure tenderness and love :D

    cheers les tourteraux! (pa conner si coum sa em ecrir sa)

  4. eutaah zot, merci!! :P
    ey keli, to coner mo conten toi plis ki jevin, nek 1 zes sa!!
    wai tourteraux la kumha em ki ecrir sa!! lol

  5. pa necessaire dia narnier sa, pic la m dire 2! hmmmmmmm! Mwa osi mo dia pareil kom morph..cheerz les tourteraux!!!! ;)

  6. Belle d├ęclaration... :)


  7. eutaaaa c sooooo sccchhhwwweeeetttt! sa me fait chaud o keur de vou voir happi happi! ;)
    love u guys!

  8. ah weh mone blier dir, happi anniversaire! ;)

  9. Ta Morinne, to lamain la coumadir Zom.

  10. Jevin, to envi met competition dancer r mwa?