Thursday, 12 April 2007

D-1 to Freaky Friday

Yeah I thought tomorrow was supposed to be the unlucky day and not today. But well, I think we were quite lucky still. Those who know what I'm talking about will, well, know what I'm talking about! Helluva day! You've handled the situation superbly well Jev! Mon Heros!! :P

this is what usually happens 1 hour before a test. (this is not me by the way!) ;D Jev, revising!

Surprise surprise! hihi.. Keli this is what we get by being wonderful cheerleaders in UOM! enjoy! hihi :P You'll get the real one pretty soon. It's nice to see that some people still remember us and our great performance.hihi

Kervin already has his which I think he's keeping as a trophy! A quite light and "volatile" trophy for that matter. haha

So that's it for today ladies and gents and my freaked out aliens!


  1. omg how nice, cant wait to have mine!!
    but i wonder how you manage to get that?! uh to p vine chouchou du prof de PE ou koi?! arziooo
    la salope!

  2. hihi, mai non, kikene ki bon en badminton ine remercier nu pou nou prestation pom pom gal!! hihi

  3. hey mais eski moi si mo kav gagner?! mo ti aster soset, pa blier, ek 2 pair enplis!...hih

  4. Euh, morinaaaaaaaa... to pa ti sippozer ine ale lor wordpress toi? :S

  5. Gimme a M
    gimme a 0
    Gimme a R
    gimme a P
    Gimme a H

    ermmm ... ene zour peut etre mo va tan sa :(

    lol :D