Monday, 23 April 2007

Let's do something!

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This is not as serious as you might think.

I'm actually in the mood to cheer! To support a cause! Whatever cause it might be. A good cause obviously. So this is something I've done about AIDS. It's nothing. I'm just showing off. hihi

But here's a note from me to the thousands of young people(underestimation) reading this blog; go to hell!
Oops that wasn't me.

Actually I know it's been said a thousand times. But
  • Be careful!
  • Use condoms
  • never tell your parents about it, not even your grandma
  • brag about it (how often and with whom)
Ok I was just kidding for the last one. Don't have multiple partners, please. You're putting yourself in a terrible situation when doing this.

Yeah you are right, this is not the AIDS week or whatever and most importantly I believe that if you are reading this you are intelligent enough to know how to save your own damn dear life from dangers of AIDS isn't it?

So long ladies and gents and my confused aliens!

Estimated number of people living with HIV/AIDS by the end of 2005 in Mauritius: 4,100

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  1. Sidaction!! hey morinnnn thats nice of u to support the cause...

    bon aster si zot pa p gagn compren em bn ********

    chek sa bn doumentaire national geographie... ou pire .. guet philadelphia...

    WAi apres morinn dir go to hell!

    already there, i feel comfy thnx!

  2. hihi... hey hey hey in fact my suggestion about going to hell was a good advice!! :P:P

    that was meant for your welfare! you see you're already feeling comfy there!! hihi

  3. wawa. bizin protez nu.. mai pli importan c pa dir ban parents. HAHAHAHA sanla torr sa..

  4. Well done morrin, it is nice to support such kind of things!

  5. OK, moi mo ena ene solution a problem sida...

    Moi mo dire bisin fane ene news kine gagne ene medecine en forme de gaz ki kav guerir sida... ek UN p dire tou dimoune dans le monde al fer test sida, ek si zot ena HIV dans zot lekor zot bisin ale dans ene place ki zot pou designer... kan fini gagne tou bane dimounes ki dans sa situation la, ek ressi rassembler zot dans sa lendroit la... bez ene bom la ba... Oui, ene 'genocide'... lerla... byebye problem sida :D

    Euh... kidding... of course... but hmmm... mo esperer Bush pa lire sa la!!!! lol...

    Proteger vous les gars! sortez couvert!!! lol...

  6. heil hitler! ROFL

    p.s this was a joke (as lame as yash's) :P

  7. whao toi kine fer sa dessin la?! enfin sa graphic la...or watever
    entouka tres bo, to bizin dir pils embauche toi dan zot branche sensibilization. mo kwar twena raizon ajoute ene touche d'humour a tou sa 'probleme' du sida la. ene coter, sa ban seki seye sensibilize ban zeness imper tro serieu dan zot action. des fois to penser sida la ene zafer imper tro eloigner ek nou lemonde, ek nu mem pas senti nou concerner, mai mo sir si zot ti koz ban trik ki ban zenn kozer ek dedramatize it all kom tonne fer, nou ti pou senti nou plis vizer!!!
    koike, c pa ene trik pou pran a la legere non plus.

  8. o fait ... to ena raison keli :D

    mo ti ena un movie : la nuit de lhumour, la france ti fer pu sidaction

    gro payer...

  9. Euh... kidding... of course... but hmmm... mo esperer Bush pa lire sa la!!!! lol...

    hahahaha yash. tro bon sa..

  10. @ yash...seems tone lire mo bane documents about solving HIV/aids problem toi :S's on my presidential agenda.
    vasectomize all the infected males
    Take a region in africa, surround it with high security walls
    Drop all the infected people there...and parachutize them their food
    It's not genocide, we not gonna kill them...let them live their life till they die on their own

  11. morine ban dimune p fer propagande lor to blog :S

  12. wai fran, c de la propagande :S