Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Life isn’t a horror movie.

It all started on April fool’s day. I got this prank phone call that I’ve talked about earlier. The guy said that he was in love with me and then sent me a message saying “april fool” etc… but then he kept on calling the next days, most of the times I took the call but did not talk or listen to what he was saying. I kept the phone on the table, just for the sake of making him waste his phone credit. But then today he sent me a message saying something about the star design that I have on the t-shirt that I was wearing yesterday and this really freaked me out. I mean just to imagine that there is a person who is mentally disturbed enough to waste his time on me (no offence meant Jevin) watching what I wear and what I do in the day is terribly horrible!!! So by tomorrow the situation will be okay, my dad’s gonna take care of that! ;) So for now I’ve got some suggestions:

How to cope with the horrors in life

1) use perfume

2) if really desperate take a bath

3) if the matter does not improve, wash your hair

4) drink water, eat vegetables

5) if the matter does not improve take laxatives

You don’t think it’s funny? You’re not the only one! But did you really expect something funny from someone who is currently the heroine of a low-budget suspense movie? How shallow of you.

Goodnight ladies and gents and my worried aliens.


  1. ohh mighty heroine. that was a genuine low budget joke.. LOL

  2. Thanks for leaving your footprint on my blog...
    Nice layout in here.
    C u soon.

  3. meh sorry for de late comms! ...

    was disconnected from the matrix..

    yoohooo ... de la bastonnn!!!

    i bet ur dad is a black belt veggie! wooot