Friday, 20 April 2007

Moving Down

It was a strenuous process. Not quite as I had expected. Luckily I had the help of my sister. My bed split in two when we tried to bring it down as it had endured too much bumpings on the way. And when we finally reached on top of the basement's stair we've just let it go down the stairs on its own and that's when it split in two. And I was like "et merde!" but then I felt sedated, like all this was not really happening, so what if I end up losing my bed forever? hehe...
But then I went to fetch my hammer! After a couple of hammer shock at the right places the bed was back on its feet. To thank my sister for her precious help I made good ol' fried cakes and some chutney.(pictures below) It tasted great. Guess the tiredness made us appreciate the food!
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
My mother was very mad at me those past days. I guess she's still against my moving down. But this is not going to stop me. I am young and adamant at proving that I can stick to the place without any problem even if I'll have to spend some cold nights down there before I find a way to provide more heat. A chimney? hihi... Why not. With me around nothing is impossible. About the party, it is really going to take place with some close friends around(those who wanna come). More will be said later!

So my room is still under construction. I hope to get done with all the finishing touches during this week end. Then I could post a picture of my cave like Yash said. And I need to buy a bat mobile. hahaha...

For now I'm going to light some candles and clean it a little.
So long ladies and gents and my convalescent alien.


  1. hey moV los... to fer dimoune faim... grrr...

  2. mai kan mem narien pa kav bate roushdat so bne pics la :S
    en matiere fer gagne faim!

  3. To ban gato parait tro miam miam... fran 2 gagne faim par force 2 ha...hehe ;)

  4. yeh bn gato la paret top .. ene tass diter soso !! :/ (pu ene fois ku mo pa p coz lalcol)

    Meh mo ti pu propoz toi mo aide mais wadir to ena ene marto ... donc



  5. ban gato la paret pa bon.. :u menti.. lol wer prepare to room acoz the party is for soon. ;)

  6. party is soooon! yuhuuuuu!!
    mais eski to kav cuit saban gato la zour to party? mo kav amen satini kotomili si to le ;)

  7. /me tap sega vishnu

    gato pima samousaaaaaaaa

    samoussa ek ene ti baja

    ti baja ,gato baigan

    ek so lamenthe wehhhhhhhhh

  8. ih whao to kone kui gato de lhuile tou?! tarrrrrrrr
    ek en plis to mem kone servi ene marto?!
    pfff donk jevin servi toi a koi?!

  9. @ Keli

    LOL... to vraiment tenir a ce ki li repone toi sa??? LOL

  10. ahem ahem, sa conversation la p pren bne envergure imper bizar!! hihi