Tuesday, 17 April 2007

something cuteeee....

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

These are Zou's babies. I find them really cute. They've just started seeing the world as they have just opened their eyes. They look a little bit sleepy and they are really really grumpy. They make weird noises when I hold them and they like to bite my fingers with their small teeth! Still I find them cute!! hihi...


  1. Kil sont mignonnnnnnnn!! mo envi caress zot!

  2. wawa!! :D nice lil pupps

    should i not remind they are poopies too and thier hunger is inversly proportional to thier size!!

    ahh cuties

  3. zot chooouu!
    zot mimi
    zot minouuuuu
    zot pa ban chats... :/

  4. omg tat is the cutest little things ever!!! tone decide lor zot nom?!

  5. Nice kutter :p Am sure in their little heads they must already be thinking how many postman they will bite :p lol, gudluck boyz :p (boyz em sa or girlz?)

  6. hmmm... komier toutou ine arriV kot toi la? (sans compte toi...)...7? 8?

  7. gals sa Mr President! :P
    :/ apart moi ine ariv 5 la Yash!! hihi

    Keli nu penkor rod nom, merde, nune blier sa!! fran!! :Z

    eheh, Rooch to rod nek chat toi

    morph! wai mari lappetit zot ena sa!!

    monisha, mo esperer to gagne 1 lokazion caress zot :P

    jevii, je tm!! hihi