Wednesday, 11 April 2007

something jaded...

ever felt like this? Jaded? This song was running in my head since morning so I thought why not see the video and blog about it while I'm at it. By the way, the girl in this video is Mila Kunis whom you have probably recognized from the real awesome That 70s show.

So here goes ladies and gents and my jaded aliens.

by the way, have you ever wondered why I always end my posts by "ladies and gents and my (adjective) aliens"?
Some people have asked me that. The "ladies and gentlemen" part is cause Robb Flynn often says this and I find it totally awesome. The alien part cause there are unknown people out there viewing blogs and increasing our number of views!! Booh!! Hihi.


  1. My my baby blue j-j-jaded... hihi

  2. whao i remember been addicted to this song, omg, such a long time from now.
    i get shivers running down my spine when re-hearing it.

  3. merde mo pa p konner ki pou comment lor la..

  4. My my baby blue
    Yeah I been thinkin' about you
    My my baby blue
    Yeah you're so jaded
    And I'm the one that jaded you

    Aerosmith forevaaa!! hihihi :)