Monday, 2 April 2007

something metallic

Recently I'm facing a real dilemma when it comes to choosing songs to listen to. I'm looking for something that rocks, like something real loud, real un-sissy(this word does not exist), real mind blowing that makes you wanna shout, jump around, be real active. I think I've found something, listening to machine head right now. God I wish there were more bands like that. No i'm not kidding and yeah I've got all my senses right at the moment when I'm writing this. Robb Flynn has got intestines, he's got THE VOICE! Try as you might to imitate him, it's gonna be a hell of a job. I'm not actually forcing you to imitate him, it's just an expression, if you don't agree, comment me.

So moving on to something else; recently I've written a song, it's called 'Everyone Else". Jevin says it looks like a backstreet boys work. Fuck you Honey! Still it's gonna rock when we've put the banla-touch on it. You just wait.

Since some people who could not move their butt to comment my blog asked me on a popular messenger about the pranks of yesterday, I'm going to talk about it. The first one was an annoyingly anonymous phone call from a guy who was claiming that he loves me. Duh! and the second one was on the above mentioned messenger from a guy who got me and Jevin simultaneously. He pretended to invite us to perform at a concert and said that we're gonna get paid too. I was dumb enough to believe that and to top it off I was actually excited about the idea. So it turned out to be a prank and this left me totally pissed off. I've even blocked the guy.

In normal circumstances this would not have affected me. But damnit, every one who knows even a millionth of my life knows how much music and performing and being a totally popular and snob star means to me. So fuck you for your dumb prank. By the way you can check the guy's apologies in the comments for the post i did on April Fool. He made 4 comments in all.

Now that I've talked about this, I'm getting the usual anger and pissed-offness(this word does not exist too).

So below is something to make me happy. An animation of cats who are probably listening to machine head and trying to sing "Bulldozer". That is, this is how I interpret it.

So long ladies and gents and my caring aliens!


  1. yeah yeah fuck me and find another musician to write your music.. coz i quit... LOL

  2. Voyons... Restons dans la limite de la decence quand meme!!!

  3. wahaha tone dir fuck you?!!!
    ahhh rebel you, you are gettin sordidly gorgeous these days, i fink i'm in love. morine marry me.

  4. hey thanks for ur comment! i know i shud have done that a long long time b4 n im sry..
    hey ur posts are nice..keep it up

  5. Rob flynnn huh?? i was fan 10 years back .... guess u might know the album burn my eyes >> Ten ton Hammer!!!! MH FTW ...

    ermm am i off topic?

  6. 2 Jev - hihi.. eutaah tone enkoler?

    2 Yash - imper tro tard pou ress dan la limite de la decence! mone fini dpass li ;p

    2 keli - *sighs and blushes* j`accepte!! vien dan mes bras ma cherie!

    2 river of blish - it's never too late to drop a comment, anytime ;)

    2 morph - waaai MH FTW!! \m/