Saturday, 14 April 2007

something selfish...

Last night the folks at home called me selfish. By folks I mean my mum and my sister, (cause my dad does not worry about anything). Well, anyway I was mad at my mum and sister upon returning home at 5pm when I saw that there was no juice in my fridge. Yeah I said my fridge cause I’ve got a fridge in my room, so that makes it my personal fridge.

I had bought juice (a recent addiction) the day before and I was fantasizing on a huge glass of chilled juice after returning home yesterday and when I opened my fridge, well, I saw only nothing! So I got real mad at them. The thing is, it’s not that I hate sharing; I could have even let them drink it all, if only someone had called me to ask for permission! I think I’m old enough to own some juice and so people who drink my juice have to at least inform me. I could have bought another one on my way back home instead of coming home and finding nothing there. And so my mum, who by the way never accepts that she’s wrong about anything, lectured me on how selfish I could get sometimes. I was surprised that she did not bring along some diagrams showing the unusual up rise in my level of selfishness! Duh!

Fig. 2 selfishness curve of Morinn

And so, we all went to buy juice at 9 pm. Yeah I know they are mad people. And the most annoying thing is that they kept calling about the so called riot in Port Louis, telling me to be cautious etc. to hell with caution! I just wanted to drink some chilled juice!

So that’s it ladies and gentlemen and my selfish aliens.


  1. I was fantasizing on a huge glass of chilled juice after returning home

    i am soo understanding you. lol

  2. me likey jealous!!! un jus ça se partage pas voyons!!!

  3. ene bon jus bien glasser ki piatan ki to boir li mais ene lot dimoun ine boir li a la place...pov petit jus!

  4. Euttttttttaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... Laisse li mo va asT ene jus pou toi... hmmm.. Tout compte fait, mo croire mo pou garde li pou moi... :P

  5. lol, hmm, next time, faire ene ti tour bazaar plouis, food court...
    kant mo gagne mari soif, mo perce there n mo boire ene jus tropical...

    trop bon!

  6. laguer ti pu lever si zot ti bz mo labierre :s

    same situation different drinks :P