Sunday, 1 April 2007

something strange...

Today was a real hell of a day. I gave tuitions in the morning, nothing weird about that. I slept in the afternoon, nothing weird about that too. I woke up to get to know that zou has just delivered her first baby. I rushed outside to see her with a tiny black puppy. She got only one baby. Now this is really weird. For those who are familiar with dogs, you might know that a dog usually begets around six puppies at a time and having a unique puppy is really rare. An interesting thing though is that Zou was born a unique baby too. So we went outside, my mum, my sister and I, we congratulated her. Really we actually gave her our best wishes, as if she really understood what we were talking about! Damn it was fun.
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This is a picture of Zou as a baby. She would not let me take a picture of her baby yet. So that will come later. So that's it for today ladies and gents and my overwhelmed aliens.

Oh btw, I've been the victim of 2 lame pranks today and that has completely pissed me off. So if you are getting ideas, it's still time to just forget it!


  1. shes a beauty. real cute puppy. :P

  2. To ti vraiment zoli comme bébé morinn :P

    Kidding... (avant mo gagne taP...)

  3. ein jev, pa zis moi ki ena gro latet!! hihi

  4. OWwwwwwwWww ... nice cute lil pupp!!!

    there's only 1 ?

  5. there are 2 babies now.. she got another one later after i wrote this post!! weird huh!!