Wednesday, 18 April 2007

something unexpected...

Have you ever wondered how it's going to be to have a room in the basement of your house? That is if your dad was crazy enough to have a basement (which does not hold any purpose at all) constructed (which is half the size of my house and which is used by my mother only to put her clothes to dry.)

Well I did wonder about that and sure enough last Friday I made a pledge to the house's supreme court (my mum) and today she did agree for me to move down! Can you believe it? can you actually believe it? can you fucking believe it? ok ok I guess that by now you've believed it but I know you haven't yet realised the importance of this for me. I'll be having a floor on my own, my own fridge in the basement and all my other stuffs plus the room is mega big, it's like a hall and there's an exit door!

And the first thought that came to my mind, the second thought actually cause the first thought was "ding dong". ok, the second thought that came to my mind was: "partyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!" but guess it'll take some time to settle down, make myself comfy and the party can wait.

So I've already started moving my things down. More will be done by tonight and I hope that I manage to get everything done by tonight.
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A pic taken today. My dark chocolate warming up in the sun. Still it did not melt like I'd want it to but it sure was tasty. Dark chocolate rocks! hehe...

So long ladies and gents and my delighted aliens.


  1. whao whao whao whao
    mwa mone realize limportance man!!!
    fran tou tro lasance, asterla pou kav apel toi basement mc!
    yuhu, a kan to fer ene basement warm up la, soi ene ti partouze soi mem ene rave?! hum hum

  2. hihi 1 partouz pa ti pou mal!! ;D;D

    mai fran mari bizin fer 1 basement warming party surtou ki p fer mari frai la!! hihi

  3. eiy waaaaaaaaaaa .... moi si ti mo rev gagn ene basement room ...

    mo ti pu tranform li en mini bar / poolhouse/ discotek zis pu moi ek mo bn dear frens ....

    and yeah premier lidee c PARTY!!! + mo ti cav met mo sono a fond sans derange personne...


    morinn to basement fer moi raid :s

    lucky you!

  4. edit: mo ti pu oci fer li vin ene loca kan parents pa la ....

    histoir de recouvrir linvestisment :P:P ROfl

  5. lol morph ena ban lider tres tres brillante. LOL Wa party la nissa. N hippie party wooooooooooooo

  6. heyyyyyyy trooooo nissaaaaaaaaa!! party party party!! i want party!!!