Saturday, 7 April 2007

something cold...

Today was a weird day in absolutely every way. Was ill, home with my dad. Mum and Loo have gone to some relative’s place. My father cooked lunch which consisted of pumpkins, some kind of root vegetable, rice, “dholl petit pois” with lots of bringels in it. All these were to be eaten with a papaya and lemon pickle. Ahem… but guess what? The food was eatable. but one hour later I started having terrible abdominal pains. I don’t know if it was due to the food.

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(this is cookie, just wanted to put her picture here) Then around 3 pm dad made tea and he made boiled maize with a sort of chutney. It was nice. Have you noticed yet that my dad’s recipes are bizarre? And oh, by the way he is a vegetarian, so that explains all the vegetables.

After tea my dad went to work in the garden while I was watching TV. I have really enjoyed the 3 pm Hindi movie today. It had some well-placed no nonsense humour and great actors too.

Then I went to super u with my dad and since we are greatly efficient shoppers we did our shopping in less than 1 hour. No. of times I lost my father: 3. reason: because he had forgotten his mobile at home. Luckily he was wearing an orange shirt (I think I should stop criticizing his color choices from now on.) and that has helped me greatly to spot him. I don’t know if it’s just me but I was feeling really cold today.

So when we got back home I had decided to go for a walk in the hills not so far from my home. And we got LOST!!! Can you actually believe it? Luckily we found our way back just before it got too dark but I was really scared.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Back home it was my turn to make diner and I made spaghettis. It was simple, with only cheese and tomato paste. All this downed with a good lemon juice. And I had dark chocolate as dessert.

The rest of the evening is insignificant. Right now I am sipping some coffee and the cold has not left me yet. “cold in the heart, cold to the core, cold as a corpse with a dead soul” freaky huh.

So long people. Enjoy while you’re warm.

p.s : love you Jev!!
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  1. me wants dark chocolates. me also wants advertising my blog.

  2. hmmm... couma dire ene zistoir c ki tone raconter la... lol... Vrai sa? ou soi tone quote ene livre par la sa? lol

  3. lol.. vrai sa yash!!

    mai bon, regardons le bon cote d choses, mo lavi kumendir 1 zistoir fictif!! whahaha!!

  4. mehh ... mo bizin apran cuit :s /me null en cuisine :s

    think ur cold huh? as i always say :
    nothing's futureproof - not even one's feeling ... the day u discover
    somthing inversly proportional, then ur dead cold :S

    Arrggg ...another nonsens by yours truly.

    cheers mo!

  5. vu ki to pa p post nouvo post, b mo retrouve moi dans l'obligation de commenter celui ci.. ;)
    mo gagne cold kan mo guet ban fotoz la...ek mo pa gagne envi manz legume akz zamai mone gagne lenvi manz legume
    cold vegetables
    cold lizards
    cold winter.. :/

  6. uh merd mo pane kav relir post ti envie, wi mo ene lache. mai enfin vu ki mone signe le protocol Banla(ki consiste a comment every banla's post) mo pena choix, mo bizin comment, kite a koz kk.
    wi parlons de ce bon vieux kk, celui ki nous accompagne a chakun de nos pas dans cette vie, longue et sans relache, ah wi dur, mou des fois, sa depen de ce kon a manger la veille. ce kk ki sort de nos orifices, notre trou du cul et notre bouche bien des fois. dans le jargon de 'nous', le kk veut dire bokou, il est a la base meme de notre personalité, de notre passage de lenfance a ladolescence et a la vie adulte. sans le kk, nous ne serions pas les fous ke nous sommes. on collega deja, on en faisait un moyen de se differencier de la bande de jeunes morveux. on etait ce kon apel couramment les cozair kk. puis a luniversité maintenant c ce ki nous permet de tou simplement vivre, et wi le kk est devenu une habitude, presk'une maniere de vivre, je dirai meme un art. le kk nous reunit, ce sont des mots ki nous blessent jamais. on le cherit.
    longue vie o kk!

    note a morine: mo kwar ena ene option delete ban comment si to pa pou mat!

  7. Hope you are feeling better Morinn!