Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Ah blogging at last! My first post of the month! Hihi... Got so many things to say to you guys. Like yeah I got my dog back, 2 weeks ago. I've started revision, I've been abducted by aliens, they've scanned my brain to know how i know about them and why I blog for them. Well well well this was a hell of a fortnight.

Today's my nani's birthday and I wanted to blog to wish her. You've got no idea how much she means to me :)
Anyway happy birthday nanouy.

I'm off for now guys. I've just made a delicious fried rice along with some roasted mutton (hehe as usual). See you people and my nice aliens!!


  1. le retour du come bach de toi morine!!!
    bienvenu chez toi ma salope!
    happie birfdai nani!

  2. You've got no idea how much he means to me :)

    How much????

    i hate sa terme "le retour du comeback" la.. :S:S

    Alor morinn back.. hehee on peut *insert dirty word* alor??

  3. wahaaaaa! r u back?
    love u salope! ih
    (bon mone quote mo propre comment dpi lor mo blog la) ;)
    happy birthday nani
    euh kisanla sa nani?

  4. Happy brth'd nani... ze vu souhait plein d bohneur dan votre vie, e ne vu inquietez sur2 pa, morinn sera tjrs la pur vu car elle vu aim bcoup!!

    Ermm sa fer mwa rapel mo bisin al visite mo nani aster, dpi longtemps pa al kot li! 5-6 mois :)

  5. et come dab mo pa gagn mo fried rice :( .....

    happy bday nani!

    jev aret look li !

    muahahahahha :P

  6. hihi, jev = nani fetiche?? :S i didnt know :O