Monday, 21 May 2007

A downtime in blog posting due to exams. Hope you guys doing fine! I'm doing great! This is just to let you know that I'm alive but thankfully I'm not Celine Dion. Did not get the joke? Then refer to Celine's masterpiece I'm alive. No no guys I've not lost it, not yet that is, I'm just trying to be ironic. Hehe...

Therefore, so long ladies and gents and my rare aliens.

Take care buddies!

Here's Bubbles and her dad, Toops! :P


  1. ermmm kool morinn take care :D

    mo tjr pan gagn compren allusion ek celine dior la 0.o!

  2. lol moi mone compran yuyu
    et dir ki nou ti fan...pfff
    can't stand her now
    tro mimi to ban toutou dark and slim...hmn wadirer ene portab
    uh :↕

  3. zot nissa ensam.. toups gagne per bubbles nah
    ?? :P

  4. eeuh, mo pa coner ki pou dir!! :P

    merde mne vine comment ek mo dir waaaaaai!! thnx pou zot comment zot!! :P

  5. hey ban toutou la fer moi pense matrix.. uh

  6. Hey sa pattern lor to terrasse la fatig mo liziers... deza pane dormi em...