Friday, 25 May 2007


Hi people! what's up? I'm doing great, still, except that I've got a greasy hair, yaaak hair! Ah, the word greasy made me remember something, ever heard about Greasemonkey? No? Be prepared to be lectured by a loser in IT about it! Hehe... Well, simply put it's a plugin used on Firefox, which allows users to errmmm, do this:arrowbiggrinconfusedcoolcryeekevil hehe... Yeah right emoticonnnnssss!!razz. It still has got certain flaws and stuff! But hey we can now put emos in our posts! mrgreen Ain't that great?! Everyone who uses blogger knows that it's not possible to input emos while composing the posts except if you upload the emo as a pic as I used to do before. This was absolutely time consuming and errm, stupid! rolleyes

So guys anyone who wanna know how to do it can contact me! wink

I'll be glad to help! Chiaaoo exclaim


  1. tarr.. mari interessant sa.. :P:P bizin try. kan to ecrir li pa montrer twa emo la non. foder to post. bel invention.. :P works with all sites??

  2. eski li work pou wordpress osi?
    happie holidayzzzzz to me!!!

  3. avant zot koumance exciT ar emoticon tou sa, I bet those stuffs are bundled with spy/ad/mal-wares... Seems like latin stuff to u? Jevin explik zot taaaaa...

    or go here

  4. Please do not spam this blog with links from outside blogs.

    Thank You.

  5. alala!!!! administrator Bouss to l...

    wawa morinn mo ti p mang coz mo pa ti p caw fer sa moi... aster mn ressi coner ...

    saizon mang fini!!!

  6. wahahaaa admin!!
    alo morine, to bien?
    ofait li dza exister ban emoticon pou wordpress...comment bet!
    happie holidayzzzzzzzzzzz to me!!

  7. Sa dimoune ki dire "happy holidayz to me" la, li ena interet pa vine dire sa devant moi si li care pou so integriT physique! lolz... kidding...
    Bez sa, ena p amizer, kan nou, nou enkor p donner... PFFFT...
    Apres admin la ki l!k! mum sa?! Ki problem li ena ar mo comment? Premier fois mone met link li p dire mo p spam...? bez so soz la...

  8. ein astere mo p compren kifer zot tou p koz admin... blogger ena admin?
    mo pa ti coner :S

  9. Morinn, ta perspicaciT restera l├ęgendaire mem dans 10000 ans...

  10. euuuuh, merci merci :D c t 1 ironie sa Yash?? hihi...

    checking admin: euh... chek this link ppl,