Saturday, 26 May 2007

Mummy's day!

Hello people! So tomorrow's mothers' day! Hehe... So are you guys celebrating?

I made a mother's day cake for my nanouy. My sister and I gave a cooker hood to my mom, it has not been delivered yet though! confused I bought a shirt for my dad at LaughingDuke and some candy for my sis! mrgreen

Hehe... Enjoy the day people!


  1. Nice cake.. :P:P paret super top. Et hood la to ti cav pren li dan 4x4 non?? :u

    Ou ptet to mama ti ler servi ancien la imper plus.. :P:P LOL

  2. erm... wi wi mo pu celebrer! esperon ene ti couyon pa vin tap laport cot moi et dir moi " happy father's day ek ene larz sourir " :s :s :s

  3. moi mone donne mo mama ene bizou ek hier minou ine amen ene gro lerat pou moi...eutaaa kom c chouuu!!

  4. hihi... tro tro chou!! :P minou ine amene reste 1 zoizo li! hihi. bne ti plume jaune :S

  5. lol. mo ban toutou pane amene nanier uh, ban ingrat la, zot ti kav amene ene ti sat mort kanmem. moi mone donne mo mams ene foto. ih
    maman morine appie mother's day! muahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  6. eski mone bien lir la?!?!?!
    ene sat mort?!??!?!?!
    sa c pa chouuuu :(

  7. tarr rooch kan mone lir to comment mone trouve 1 emo :Z weird! mai c keli kine dir sa!! :(

    mechante keli, fo pa dir tu mal d chat! t kan mem une chatte toi si!! :P hihi

  8. lol kitty kat katty kit kit kat! waha rooch to rapel? morine nuance, g une chatte, j'en suis pas une! mwahaha, amoin ke tu te sens chatte...grrr

  9. since my father is a Pastry teacher, I just run away from any recipes lol :) He would pick me place in front of the computer to surf for these :(

    hmm....looks tasty though....