Sunday, 13 May 2007

something pathetic

Just finished giving tuitions. I'm so damn tired. Got only about 3 hours of sleep last night. Sniff sniff... Today I've talked about AIDS to my students. That's why I wanted to make a post out of it. To point out that I've realised that most of them didn't know about the ways AIDS is transferred from one person to another and they were actually laughing when I was talking about it.

I'm not criticising them, nor are they to be blamed for finding AIDS funny. Their behaviour just reflects the social environment in which they were brought up. We live in a society (this does not only apply to Mauritius) which has been conditioned not to take ailments seriously. We consider disasters, catastrophes, diseases as being so far out of reach of our peaceful, calm life. But of course, we love to hear tales of someone else's problems but we do not consider getting involved, doing something to eradicate evils.

I don't know why I am talking about this right now at D-3 to my exams nor do I feel that I myself am involved in something constructive about the wiping out of social evils. In a sense I am criticising myself; my lack of passion, my indifference to things that touch me but which I refuse to let under my skin. And here I was criticising NGOs about their lack of organisation. At least they are up to something and I wish them the bast of luck.

We indeed need forces that can put words into actions, ideas into deeds, thoughts into results. This is a post for Godspeed. I guess Godspeed will just have to wait.

So long. Don't comment if you don't feel like or have nothing to say. I'll understand. It's one of my rare posts that is not good-humoured and I apologise.

Well here's something jovial:
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Her name is Bubbles.

So long people!


  1. bubbles is so cute!! such a nice name for such a cute tiny thing. reminds me of fee fi fo, to rapel?
    oui mo compran toi mo, ptetre c nou peu de volonté ek nou tro plein dideologie ki fer nou osi slack!!! ptetre nou bizin bouze nou fess, ek termine le temps des vaches grasses, pou devouer nou imper a ban bonnes causes!!! ou ptetre nou zis bizin ouver nou lizier pou gueter ki pas bien loin de nou ena kitsoz ki kapav fer...
    mai mo, to fer ban truc bien ban toutou!!! ih

  2. uhh...doggy la pena aids na??? :S Actually reading parts of the text...and looking at the pic, I thought the poor fellow was infected too :S

    Uh btw, I heard that the HIV virus can now infect using water as medium (it has mutated once again)

  3. sori mais mo pna la faculter pou penser ki mo kav ekrir kom comment...mone fini tou mo faculter dans revizion ek mo tiena bien tigit en plis...
    beurk kifer mone dir cheers dans ene comment la?!
    mo, to pane comment mo post!
    sori if am being so fucking chiante!

  4. hihi cheers rooch!! bonne chance pou dems fi!!

    btw roushdat, rassure toi, li corek toutou la :P

    keli, wai mo rapel fee fi fo, li ti telmen lonely dan sa lakaz kot monsieur toma la, nu ti p done li gato tou!! :P

  5. hahahaha @ roushdat.

    wer morinnn c bien ki tne explik ban piti la c kwa aids. mai ptet ki zot cner mai ena n taboo lor sex. c ki v dir ban ki cner c kwa aids zot rier. a maurice sida c ZOT maladie. li pa NU maladie. et c sa mentaliter la ki bizin casser.

  6. Hey sa foto la trop trop trop zoli...

    Hey to pa kav amene to Bubbles to uni? LOL... pa traka ein, mo pa pou batte li moi... lol

  7. yeh bubbles .... be a good doggy ... wear condoms! ehh!

    looks like a lil rottie!

  8. kawaiii zeee dog! :)
    about tuition, it depends wats the age-group of ur students (i guess). the younger they are the less likely they will ve a grasp on reality n the more carefree they will be. at least, you try! who knows, may be you did get thru to a few! :)

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  10. Tuitions?
    Are you a teacher?

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  11. Bubble is so cute~ I bet his very playful too~