Sunday, 27 May 2007

something tasty...

Hello people! Had a nice mother's day? Mine was great! Hehe! So people, about the cake I made yesterday, here's the recipe.It's a personal one. Basically, it's supposed to be made without eggs but it tastes just great.

Morinn's Veggie Honey Cake

2 large cups of flour (normal one, not self-raising)
2 tablespoons of baking powder
1 can of sweetened & condensed milk
160g of pure honey (that basically a medium container, in sale everywhere)
Half cup of liquid milk
250g of unsalted butter (keep a little for greasing)
1 drop of vanilla essense

Mix all the ingredients together in no particular order until you get a thick and smooth paste.

Things should look more or less like this!

Put the mixture in a greased bowl and put it in the oven at a heat of around 180 degrees for about 30 minutes! Enjoy! mrgreen


  1. waaaaahhh mo premier pou comment!! yippie! ih
    yummy yummy cake avek ene cafe bien cho...hmmmm!

  2. hmn slurp paret tro bon sa gato la! kan to fer ene pou me la?! ;) grrr mo p al manz ene yaourt moi tone fer moi gagne faim la!

  3. no eggs!!!
    nice, this makes me day as i'm lactovegan! :D

  4. wow! a lactovegan! enchantee... i've been one for 14 yrs of my life! not out of choice though!

  5. ohh nice cake.. hehee i want it.. :P mo cav manz to gato?? :$:$:$

    ti ena n boug ti rentre dan n supermarcher et li ask n ti fam laba "ena gato, coco??" et fam la dir li "non. mai ena poisson, makro" hahahaha

  6. nice to meet ya too!
    14 yrs!!! wow! i'm still a kiddo relative to ya: only 5 yrs n counting! :)
    btw, i have tagged ya! see

  7. ahem....

    tou le temps zot p fer dimun bav dan Mine ek zot bn recette! lot fois jev ek so cookies , morin ek so bn gato :s

    mwespere avan mo crever mo caw gouter ! :P


  8. Servi batteuse ta piaw!

  9. thanx for the brave comment anonymous.

    I can't help but react to your precious suggestion.

    You know, using a spoon to mix the ingredients gives texture to the cake, which would not have been possible using a whip!

    But never mind that, I guess you must be an expert in pastry!

    or better you are the kind of person who buys cake mix powders and WHIP an egg and some milk to make a cake right? And you go about boasting about the cake you've made.

    Ah! Hail to you!

  10. Hi my name is michael.. Or peter i just wanted to say that i dont really like anonymous comments. and that piaw, you can put it up your... thanks.

  11. Jamais to accepter perdu wadirer Maurine

  12. The name is Morina or Morinn, I dunno where the Maurine came from