Friday, 15 June 2007

Oh so crafty!

Hey people! I've been making some gift bags recently; here's the template. It's pretty simple. All you've got to do is to trace it using the given proportions on some bristol paper and you've got a nice homemade gift bag ideal for birthdays, weddings and so on. You can further customise your bag with paper flowers, coloured ribbons, designs cut from magazines! The choice is unlimited! Hehe!

And I've also made a notebook for Jev, which I've called the rock notebook! Made it with black fabric, hardboard, paint and some pictures cut from magazines! Think he likes it!

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  1. wer i love it. :P:P to ban gift bags tro bon:P:P

  2. hey mo ti p fer sa dan class design n com!

    waaaaaaa! nice :P

  3. hey dats too great, to bien artistic! thanx 4 sharing ur ideas wiz us! Mwa osi mo pu fer sa ban gift bags la pu ban ti party aster.... :) :)

  4. Nice job!!! I'll surely try them out very soon, got 3 birthdays coming fast :S

  5. well how u doin morina
    in fact anytime u decide to do the concert u most welcome.
    mayb u didnot like the hindi song.
    it can b removed.
    seems u were ready but not other members
    another thing remember u mentioned about a force vive in p raffray.
    will b nice if u cud mobilise em for tgis friday
    ther ll b a peace march as from teh stadium in glands till farmers service centre.if yes a fomr need to b filled plus mayb prize for best group.but registration required.
    hope to get a kwik response.
    take care
    god bless.

  6. whao me likey those gift bags!!! ih and the cpbk for jev is just too nice! crafty mo, ur soooo arty!

  7. really nice.
    can i have one? ppllllzzzz....

  8. nice one, trop cool :)

    perhaps you would be skilled too for the papercrafts :P

  9. Morinn,
    Thanks for nice words you left on my blog. I would have never guessed that you were 20 years old. I hope I raise my girls (8 & 6) to be so profound and well rounded at 30 years old!!! I don't know you but I like how you speak your mind and what you have to say. I plan to read your blog again and again. You made my day with your kind words.

  10. I usually buy those pre-made gift bags. I need to try making my own! Thanks for sharing ;)