Wednesday, 6 June 2007

small hello

Hell-o people twisted
How have you been doing? I've been doing great! Enjoying the holidays as much as I can through the damn cold weather. I've been doing lots of creative stuff like painting small flowers in my room, making notebooks, keeping a dream diary. I've got into cooking too. And as usual devoting my time to gardening. In a month my mom won't recognize the back of our toilet; I've planted creeping flower plants there! Too good!

Cya buddies!


  1. ohh morinn. God bless your creativity 432. can i have a diary too?? :P:P

  2. Thanx! Hey jev dun worry :P

    Thanx AMJ!!

  3. cooking , gardening , painting...

    to caw marier!

    jev will be a happy hubby :D


    oh and nice stuff!

  4. hey i think i should do something creative too...instead of getting drunk all the time. shit! mo p perdi moban holidays pou narnien la

  5. sweet morina ur group has been selected to audition. well u have 3 songs to perform.
    one ur one song anyone on peace n love
    second one is a hindi song " tu hain asma main teri yeh zameen hain"
    third one yet to b decided
    contact me asap 7640233
    during the day u may not get network, coz where i am the network not too good.
    audition this coming week
    get ready
    if selected u ll get to play in front of 500 people.
    hope to hear from u soon

  6. lol kevin la ene joke sa ou koi?
    2nd one hindi song. wahahaha
    eh ene dream diary how cool!
    flower power!