Saturday, 28 July 2007

My New Hang out place

ok, this ain't a joke. I did some wood work today! Repairing the kiosk! Ouch! I even got hurt by a nail. :(

I had to reassemble the missing sugarcane leaves. Did some hammering and nailing and tying (with coconut ropes) and finally! Tadaaa! I got this place ready for me to hang out.

Then I've put up a sheet of ply wood, hard ones. and it stands for a table and some bricks and still some more wood make a seat!

The table even supports my laptop! razz How cool is that! hihi, well I guess that's very cool!

Plus I made it my open-air workshop! I've produced yet another lantern to be tied to the kiosk
and I use the branches of a nearby tree to hold my bristols! hihi
and the best part of it all is that Cookie can drop by as often as she wants! Here she is! :D

Ah I'm tired people! Gotta go get ready to leave for a wedding ceremony... again! Hopefully I'll meet Willy and Co. there! :$

UPDATE: I did not want to create a new post to add this new bit.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketWhat had been the 2-seater hangout place has been turned into a 7-seater family place; the reason being that my family wanted to hang out there too. I've added some additional benches around the kiosk and I hung some bamboo blinds to the kiosk to protect from the wind and to get that zen look! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

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Thursday, 26 July 2007

changes are good

Today at breakfast I've realised that only 2 weeks or so remain before the holidays are over.Oh my God what will happen to me now? Hihi. These holidays were among the best I had ever have in my life. I don't regret that it's nearly over though. I'll make the most of those remaining days.

What was particular about these holidays was that I remained at home a lot. Going out mostly, if not always, with my family. I've spent lots of quality time creating beautiful stuff for the house, for my basement and embellishing the garden for my doggies. Haha.

I've painted my basement in white. Done the windows in light blue. My mum's kitchen has got the same colour scheme too. Sounds weird that I've adopted a pale interior while my other room, which is right now a sort of study had a rather dark feel, with black ceramic tiles and dark brown and black furnitures. Ah well, changes are good!

Talking about changes, have you noticed some changes to my blog? Yes yes, say yes you did! hihi. thanks Jev for implementing the "words running through my head..." now I can write what's on my mind whenever I feel like without much effort.
so long people and my convoluted aliens. ;)

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Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Morinn and her Deathly Hallows

Hello people! As the title suggests, I got the book! That is, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've read the first page, I'm saving the rest for tonight. I did not believe I would get it so soon! But I'm not complaining, of course. I know that for some of you the news that I'm a J.K.Rowling fan might come as a shock. Hehe, that's just too good! There are so many things people don't know about me. twisted

Today I attended a wedding ceremony. The place was really beautiful, everything was so unique, so perfect that I started thinking about my own marriage; about how unique it would be, with lots of lights and so much more flowers. I can't imagine festivities without flowers. And I will design the layout of the wedding altar. Ah well, this got me really dreaming!This is my parents getting married, 10th of December, 1979. :$

So long people and my romantic aliens!

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Friday, 20 July 2007

Would You?

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So the big question is, would you donate? Would you go to a hospital and sign a form so that in case you die in an accident or something like that your healthy organs(heart,kidneys,eyes) are made available to be transplanted to a compatible receiver?

I would and I certainly will. It is not just because that is done in movies and I wanna be called an incredibly wow person, it's just that I'll feel good to know that someone is living off a part of me. I feel the same when I give my blood twice a year.

Of course it depends on your choice. But it's just a form guys! You're not signing to be murdered!rolleyes Hehe!

As for kidney donation, I may be in after my death but certainly not while I'm still alive, except if someone dear to me really needs it. Please try to not need it people!mrgreen The thing is, I know my grand dad died of kidney failure. Oh God that must have been painful and I don't even want that to happen to people I hate. I guess my fright of kidney diseases explains my water overdoses.

Ah well, think about it or don't.

So long poeple and my generous aliens! Yup yup, aliens are back!razz

Monday, 16 July 2007

OMG I've been tagged!

So here goes. I've been tagged by E-Babe from A MODICUM OF DECORUM.

Hehe... What i should I do, what should I do? *nervous*

So I'm gonna follow the rules which are: (as copied from E-Babe) :

1. Let others know who tagged you.

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (whom will I tag?)

So onto my random facts:

1. I've had 18 piercings.
2. I can never get sleep in the day.
3. I'm terribly afraid of losing my dogs.
4. My baby girl's name will be Millena. (I gotta remember this one)
5. I tend to think that my dreams come true.
6. I hate the sight of shirt buttons, it's a phobia.
7. I own a pink guitar.
8. I can`t stand being in crowded areas

Now, who I am tagging! *evil laugh*

1. Jev

2. Keli

3. Rooch

4. M0rph

5. Monisha

6. Aayush

7. Usha

8. Robb Flynn

I'm sorry guys! Try to enjoy it!

Yesterday I was in a flowery mood. So I made some flower decorations to be put in different places of the house. This is what came out of it. I used mainly palm leaves, hibiscuses, geraniums, some dried twigs and vases of course. The hibiscus lasts for only a day, which is really unfortunate. However the palm leaves last long and even when yellowed or dried, they look great.

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An interesting thing about using dried twigs is that you can make a bouquet that will last really very long.

All you got to do is to glue a leaf to a small tube, attach an iron rod to the tube and use the iron rod to tie the tube to the twig.
You can then place any flower you like in the tube and this will give a real nice look plus you've got an infinite number of possibilities if you got a choice of various flowers in your garden.

Let the power of the flower be with you!

Thursday, 12 July 2007

About the lantern

Hello people! How have you been doing? Thanx for often passing by and leaving some messages. Since some of you have been asking me to give details about how I'm making some stuff, I've decided to give the lantern "recipe". It's really simple, you'll see.

Material needed :
4 12cm x 12cm sheet of bristol paper

1 13cm x 13 cm sheet of same paper

some sheets of vellum, depending on the design you choose. You can even use coloured crepe paper (mousseline paper)



All you got to do is to fold 1cm off one side of the 12 x 12 paper and 1cm off each side of the 13 x 13cm paper, as shown in the picture below.

The 13 x 13 paper will be the base of the lantern

The 12 x 12 ones will be the walls.

All you got to do now is to trace patterns on the walls and cut them out.

Patterns depend on what you want. I used 1 different pattern on each wall of the lantern below. As you see, my drawing skills are not very good. I'm sure you'll do better wink

After cutting out the patterns stick / glue the crepe paper on the wrong side of the paper, so that it won't look messy on the outside.

Then apply glue on each 1cm fold of the bristol paper and glue the walls to the base to get your lantern ~

Hope you guys try it out! I gotta rush, I'm painting my basement today!

So long buddies!

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Thursday, 5 July 2007

when crappy reporters piss me off

During some of the rare times that I've glanced through the press recently I came across an article written by a reporter who obviously did not have any knowledge of the matter at hand; the matter was rock. Okay, I may not be the most unbiased person right here but the guy or gal (I really don't care) who wrote this article was of the opinion that all songs classified in the rock genre do not contain any lyrics. And so, he/she was reviewing a local band and stated that the said band forms part of the rare rock bands "a parole". Unless my French is totally dumb, did he/she try to say that it's rare to find a band classified in the rock genre (without mentioning sub-genres) whose songs have got wordings and thus a sense?

So, for fans of rock out there, know this, you don't listen to anything at all! Hehe... Guess he meant just some guitar riffs and some grrrrrrrrrrrrr from the part of the singer.

The totally stupid judgement that the guy/gal has passed has struck me like some form of racism. It's not only because I like rock and it's not because I write songs which are gonna be super popular in the near future, hehe, it's just that I know I have experienced, yeah I said experienced the most wonderful lyrics from rock songs. Just like I won't go about saying that the musical preferences of others suck I expect people to feel the same way about me. It's totally crappy to see a journalist pass foolish judgements on musical genres since they were supposed to be objective persons. I'm mixing up my thoughts here. But guess you've grasp the important part, the article has really pissed me off.

Ah well, here's the lyrics of "Reflect the storm" my new crush!

Shot for shot, many bullets penetrate me,
Embrace me, tell me stories of golden gods
The precision in your voice pierce the walls that I've built
Your eyes reach deep in me

Take a chance, they don't come much bigger than this
Dark star, spend another day with me, a dead surface that doesn't
Reflect the storm underneath. Take the chance
Bring me the calm

... And it leaves NOTHING

Expose the dark side, aching and emotional
Expose the dark side, impossible to tame

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

Throw yourself into the eye of chaos
Infiltrate me, sneak out before I awake
Take out the trash and burn it
Try to find a beautiful place to lay
These fragile bones of mine

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

... And it leaves NOTHING

Expose the dark side, aching and emotional
Expose the dark side, impossible to tame

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

Away from the light of the sun
Away what is really me

Away from the light of the sun
Away I find what is really me

I wish I could be injected with the song! Ah well, sniff!

So long rock buds!