Thursday, 12 July 2007

About the lantern

Hello people! How have you been doing? Thanx for often passing by and leaving some messages. Since some of you have been asking me to give details about how I'm making some stuff, I've decided to give the lantern "recipe". It's really simple, you'll see.

Material needed :
4 12cm x 12cm sheet of bristol paper

1 13cm x 13 cm sheet of same paper

some sheets of vellum, depending on the design you choose. You can even use coloured crepe paper (mousseline paper)



All you got to do is to fold 1cm off one side of the 12 x 12 paper and 1cm off each side of the 13 x 13cm paper, as shown in the picture below.

The 13 x 13 paper will be the base of the lantern

The 12 x 12 ones will be the walls.

All you got to do now is to trace patterns on the walls and cut them out.

Patterns depend on what you want. I used 1 different pattern on each wall of the lantern below. As you see, my drawing skills are not very good. I'm sure you'll do better wink

After cutting out the patterns stick / glue the crepe paper on the wrong side of the paper, so that it won't look messy on the outside.

Then apply glue on each 1cm fold of the bristol paper and glue the walls to the base to get your lantern ~

Hope you guys try it out! I gotta rush, I'm painting my basement today!

So long buddies!

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  1. mari nissa sa face ena ti coeur la..

    et lot la ki ena n ban petal pointe imper

    et lot la ki ena ban rayures

    et lot la ki tres 70s show.

    :u i love it.

  2. yuhu mo premier!
    wow i'll definitely have to try that out! awesome tute and awesome work mo!

  3. I love the lantern. Unfortunately if I was to try to follow instructions to make anything it would be a disaster. Your beautiful lantern in my hands would probably end up burning my house down and it would probably look like something somebody had thrown away!!! I have never been able to make anything successfully. I used to follow the Japanese art of origami in a TV special every week and what a mess I used to get in really!!! In my woodwork class at school I made a coffee table that became shorter and shorter as I kept cutting pieces off each leg to stop the table wobbling!!! Hehehe Hopeless lol

  4. thanx people for the comments! :P

  5. Those are so cool! Very creative you are! :)

  6. You creative thinker you! I love the lanterns-they're pretty swift. I'd hang them in my room! Anyway, nice! Thanks for commenting!

  7. ok, mo comment. fouff.. wow tro zoli, tro top, kan to fr 1 million pou moi la? haha.. je tm moooooooooo

  8. Cute. I'll try one for my sister when I get home.

    I'm here as promised. Please do check Blogging Mix when you have time. Cheers.

  9. cool tuto :D Now now, that brings back memories! :D

    Back in my form 4 year, with a friend we used a box of cereals (Repainted of course xD ;D ) and we used old colored cd-rs instead of crepe paper, and with a little bulb we battery powered the whole thing :D

  10. wow that sounds cool! n battery powered stuff are more reliable and you dont have to worry about burning the house down!

  11. haha que tu crois! :D more reliable yes, but the problem with our lamp was overheating :D so it was in theory still possible to set fire (But its true it would be a LOT harder than with candles :D )

    Also, i did nor really think when designing it, so when the bulb died, i didnt have the courage to reopen the whole thing just to replace it :D