Thursday, 26 July 2007

changes are good

Today at breakfast I've realised that only 2 weeks or so remain before the holidays are over.Oh my God what will happen to me now? Hihi. These holidays were among the best I had ever have in my life. I don't regret that it's nearly over though. I'll make the most of those remaining days.

What was particular about these holidays was that I remained at home a lot. Going out mostly, if not always, with my family. I've spent lots of quality time creating beautiful stuff for the house, for my basement and embellishing the garden for my doggies. Haha.

I've painted my basement in white. Done the windows in light blue. My mum's kitchen has got the same colour scheme too. Sounds weird that I've adopted a pale interior while my other room, which is right now a sort of study had a rather dark feel, with black ceramic tiles and dark brown and black furnitures. Ah well, changes are good!

Talking about changes, have you noticed some changes to my blog? Yes yes, say yes you did! hihi. thanks Jev for implementing the "words running through my head..." now I can write what's on my mind whenever I feel like without much effort.
so long people and my convoluted aliens. ;)

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  1. nicely written..I also love doing home-stuff !

  2. The pleasure is mine.. :P:P Yeah its true you spent all your time with your family and not with me. :( Still love you though.. :u

  3. oh la laaaa! nek 2 week?? tarr ine passe mari vite!! mo pane resi fer narnien extraaaa apart koupe mo cv! grr!

  4. hihih ... bah com di le dicton .. ya ke les imbecil ki ne changent po

    pa coner kisana in dir sa et si coumsaem ku ecrur sa!

    bel luku momon!

    cheerz !!

  5. I thought you could be interested, so I added your blog to my list at

    Good Karma 4 All - Technorati Favorites Exchange :)

  6. eh moi mo penvi al uni, mwenvi plorer a sel thought of dull uom, and the winds at reduit.
    morine to pane pass letan ek nusi, :(
    mais still lov ya though, sori jevin pane kav resist repren to ban mots!!

  7. Nice to read a blog as pure innocence as urs...Keep up the good work.

  8. Just wonder whether it is good idea to blog during holiday?? are we addicted to blog? hmm... think about that..

  9. You are so talented. Would you like to spend your next holiday at my house?


  10. thanx ppl for the comments.

    love you jev!

    becky i'd love to come to your house! hihi

  11. The blog looks great and so do all the pictures of your hard work! Thanks for the encouraging comment on Prehistoricfantasy!

  12. I haven't done much around the home lately -besides play video games and smoke.
    This looks all fun. I gotta find some new hobbies lol. The pics were very nice. I like blogs with allot of pictures.

  13. thanx zawadi. ;)

    i think you should do something around the house if you want to. if not, it does not matter :D

    playing games and smoking is fun too! hihi

  14. NIce pictures I relly enjoyed myself here. Real nice woodwork I wish I had so many talents and so young. I give you a thumbs up and a stumble.

  15. you've got talents that i wish i had too lily! ;)

    take care