Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Morinn and her Deathly Hallows

Hello people! As the title suggests, I got the book! That is, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I've read the first page, I'm saving the rest for tonight. I did not believe I would get it so soon! But I'm not complaining, of course. I know that for some of you the news that I'm a J.K.Rowling fan might come as a shock. Hehe, that's just too good! There are so many things people don't know about me. twisted

Today I attended a wedding ceremony. The place was really beautiful, everything was so unique, so perfect that I started thinking about my own marriage; about how unique it would be, with lots of lights and so much more flowers. I can't imagine festivities without flowers. And I will design the layout of the wedding altar. Ah well, this got me really dreaming!This is my parents getting married, 10th of December, 1979. :$

So long people and my romantic aliens!

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  1. Ohh so nice.. :P:P Yeah festives need flowers. No wonder why they all start with the letter "F". lol The pic seems familiar.

    Hmmm so you gonna design your alter. Am sure its gonna be great. :p

  2. lol. the pic seems familiar? yeah sure! but they've changed somehow! especially Dad! and my mum does not look shy anymore! hihi

  3. Thats ageing baby. Gotta go help mom with her pizzas now. Bye

  4. omg! to pou lir harry potter dans ene nuite laaaaaaa?
    to fer mwa penser kan mwabiter ouver ene gro paker doritos, manz ene ti p lerla save the rest pou asoir avan mwal dodo...ih
    heyyy moban parents osi zot foto maryaz wadirer 1p koumha, foto la dvan mwa la...haha

  5. I have seen India wedding in Malaysia.. it is so unique.. so, when is your turn? hehehe

  6. To ena patience selman pu lire sa ban livre la.... mwa mo prefere get fim la ki lire.....hihi :P

    Hey mne envi al mariaz mwa osi, mone envi habiller...hehe.... mais snif snif...personne pa p marrier pu le moment!!.... :$ hey dnt 4get to invite me wen ul get married!! me pu vine bless twa 5-6 piti.... haha ;)

  7. lol Monisha, si mo gagne 5-6 piti mo done toi tou pou to occuper! :P hihi...

  8. ihihihi harry potter! toi! omg...enfin. c vrai ki nou pa kone bcp de toi.
    eh i cant see any pic of your parents wedding moi! uuh. how come?!

  9. thanks for visiting my blog.. im gonna get a harry potter book tomorrow :)