Monday, 16 July 2007

OMG I've been tagged!

So here goes. I've been tagged by E-Babe from A MODICUM OF DECORUM.

Hehe... What i should I do, what should I do? *nervous*

So I'm gonna follow the rules which are: (as copied from E-Babe) :

1. Let others know who tagged you.

2. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.

3. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.

4. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged. (whom will I tag?)

So onto my random facts:

1. I've had 18 piercings.
2. I can never get sleep in the day.
3. I'm terribly afraid of losing my dogs.
4. My baby girl's name will be Millena. (I gotta remember this one)
5. I tend to think that my dreams come true.
6. I hate the sight of shirt buttons, it's a phobia.
7. I own a pink guitar.
8. I can`t stand being in crowded areas

Now, who I am tagging! *evil laugh*

1. Jev

2. Keli

3. Rooch

4. M0rph

5. Monisha

6. Aayush

7. Usha

8. Robb Flynn

I'm sorry guys! Try to enjoy it!


  1. Hmmmm y having both Jev and Robb Flynn??? LOL thought they were the same person!!

  2. 1. it's all in your head

    2. i do some guitar solos

    3. i love your blog

    4. i like to clench the fist of dissent

    5. i hate people who kiss ass

    6 i've been blonde

    7. 2 times pierced

    8. love my fans

  3. gah ... mo coment pan afficher :/

    thnx for the tag anyway :P

  4. Hi! nice to meet you.. I found you through blogcatalog.. see you around..

  5. ben mwa....

    1. Mo per kancrela

    2. Wen i was a kid, i got lost in Grand bassin

    3. I dnt like to go out wiz my family :$

    4. Mo content manz cari marriage… miam miam

    5. I feel restless wen my camera is in my bro hand…. fouffff!

    6. I dnt like ppl messing up my room

    7. i dnt like to write

    8. I dnt really kare wat ppl think abt me!

    (posted at

  6. 18 piercings? wow.. must me very painful.

  7. nah it wasn't painful at all! it was fun! haha

  8. ta zorey passoir! to rapel kan to ti ena sipa comier trou. mo sir tou ine bousser la. ek to ti abitier zouer ek zot dan class. aaargh fr gagne ner! lol

    wai b laiss mo koz lor moi. pena boug conten mo sat
    3.piercing lalang.marijuana la long ti manekin pena loto p fail
    8.conten toi moomoo

  9. btw mo ena bne serious doubts ki robb flynn ine vraiment comment mo blog! mai mo penser c juste kikene kine fr 1 bon blague! :(

  10. nope i certainly can't ;)

    but sometimes i wish i could sleep! :P